Travel And Yoga Strike The Perfect Balance – Find Out How Namita Kulkarni Follows Dual Passions

Published on 10 Mar 2017 . 3 min read

Striking a personal equilibrium while gracefully embracing life in all its shades is Namita Kulkarni. She is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher, traveller, and writer and her blog has been featured in top Yoga Blogs to follow lists. Namita feels she is a Yoga teacher by day and a writer by night, and she says, “I'm also a traveller and an artist.” She runs the popular Yoga and Travel blog Radically Ever After.

Her twin passions, yoga and writing, are her guide to her true self. “My Yoga practice grounds me and anchors my restless mind and this hugely benefits my writing. Both excite me on a deep level, so by following my excitement in each, I'm on the trail of who I really am. And what better trail can one be on?” asks Namita.

Feedback is the key to nurturing any activity and this is what motivates her to keep going. She says, “I'm more into inspiration than motivation. The latter runs out but the former renews itself. And something that really inspires me to keep putting in the hard work is people telling me how my work, whether my writing or my yoga teaching, has enriched their lives.”  Following her passion and sharing her travel stories, finding herself in tricky places, being published across many leading websites, she has many tales to share and her blog is always her travel companion.

Yoga has scores of benefits including improved stability of both physical and mental health. Her travels have taken her to fourteen countries so far, where she has both learnt and taught yoga.  She now teaches Yoga in Bangalore at ‘The Arts Village’.

Maintaining two such passions, isn’t it hard to find work life balance? Namita explains, “I don't think I've 'achieved the balance' and I doubt anybody has. I see balance as a constant dance, not a fixed destination.”

Her thoughts are clear, and full of passion for life, learning and living in the present; cherishing the ‘right now’ since the future is still elusive. She explains, “Being fully present, whether it's with work or personal life is important to me and that goes a long way toward striking the elusive balance.”

Written by Inderpreet Kaur Uppal

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