10 Secrets to Success As An Aspiring Mompreneur

Last updated 6 May 2022 . 1 min read

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A mompreneur is a rare breed of superwoman who raises her babies while also building a business.Being a mompreneur is not a cakewalk, but it is still doable.

If you have already decided to become a mompreneur and wonder how to succeed, these pointers can help you get started.

Ten Secrets To Becoming A Great Mompreneur


#1. Find Your "Why" Before You Get started

Find your "why" and always remember the real reason you want to be in business.

Whether you want to be financially independent in every way or want to make a mark for yourself, always keep working towards your dreams.

Sometimes you might experience days that will test your willpower, both as a mother and an entrepreneur. Be sure to set this daily reminder of the reason why you started.

Find your- 'why', and it will always guide you along your journey to becoming a successful mompreneur.

TIP: Remember to set realistic goals that are humanly possible to achieve.


#2. Slow Down And Prioritize Your Well-Being

As a full-time mom and woman in business, handling things might sometimes get challenging. There might be days when you have to juggle between fulfilling both duties.

Maintain a to-do list which you want to achieve every day. As a mother and an entrepreneur, you might have a hundred things to finish every morning. Cut down on things which can wait, and learn to prioritize if you want to succeed as a mompreneur.

TIP: Remember to prioritize things and stop beating yourself up. Do aim to do things differently but with a bit of sanity.


#3. Build Your Tribe

There might be days filled with mom guilt because you will have to leave your kids behind for long hours. Remember, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to do things alone.

Be open to babysitting duties from fellow mothers whenever you have the capacity. You never know when you will need their help. Catch up with fellow mothers who share the same passion. 

Networking and socializing with other mompreneurs will help streamline work and open a lot of opportunities.

TIP: Work towards building your tribe's support system. They might be like-minded friends or extended family ready to help each other.


#4. Never Be Shy Or Afraid To Ask For Help

As a mom and a businesswoman, it's okay to seek help when required. Trying to be perfect on your own will always make it harder for you to be good.

Asking for help, whether be it taking care of the kids, handling household chores or finding the right business partner, will help you release a bit of time for yourself. 

This will give you guidance and relief and prove beneficial for bouncing new business ideas around.

Take charge and be in complete control because the health and happiness of both your business and children depend on you.

TIP: Be sure to investigate the services you want to take for complete peace of mind.


#5. Define Boundaries To Fulfil Your Duties Efficiently

You may have to work harder for better work-life integration as a working mother. Define your boundaries and chalk out a plan. Know when to switch to 'work mode' and 'family mode' for leading a mompreneur life without guilt.

Draw a line between the two roles so that there are no distractions. Organize your schedule and treat your life at work and home as two separate worlds. 

This role reversal will lead you to happy clients, and the kids at home will also start to respect you once they get their uninterrupted mommy time.  

Achieving a work-life balance for a working mother is the key to keeping your family happy while also fulfilling your own goals.

TIP: Remember to make a list of your personal and professional commitments so that there is no overlapping.  


#6. Unwind A Little

Just a friendly reminder, you deserve a 'Me Time' mommies, no matter what.

Go for things which give you small joys. Be it meditating, going alone for a walk, taking up a hobby class, or lying on the couch watching your favourite series. 

All these might sound like little luxuries but will help you reconnect with yourself and benefit your family and business.

TIP: Take care of yourself, sit back and relax, and turn on the 'switch off' mode as and when required.


#7. Involve Your Kids In Your Venture

Involve your kids thoughtfully in your venture and make them feel important. Whether staying quiet while you're on a call or babysitting younger siblings while you're busy making a report, involve your kids in your work. Let them feel as if they are an indispensable part of your team.

Tell them what's in store for them when you succeed. Reward them by planning an outing or doing something special for them when they help you achieve a specific task.  

This will teach them excellent entrepreneurial skills at a young age and help them become more responsible.

TIP: Consider limiting their participation to carry on with their duties with delight rather than feeling burdened.


#8. Learning To Delegate

As a mother and an entrepreneur, you're simultaneously responsible for building a business with managing sensible parenting. To prevent burnout while thinking of all the do-it lists, it's essential to outsource and delegate a few tasks that you think don't require much of your attention.

As a mompreneur, be ready to delegate certain aspects of your business, such as finance, social media, legal, and more, to concentrate on things that only you can do. 

Delegate and steal some time for yourself and your family.

TIP: Hire the right resource. Look for experts in areas which you are not.


#9. Show Your True Self

Be genuine, and do not try to hide your identity as a mother. There is no denying that when you are trying to build a business, you always want to portray yourself professionally.

Trying to hide your identity as a mother in front of a client can worsen things.

Be real. We all like to deal with real people. The sooner you portray your true self and the environment you're working in, the better it will work in your favour.

Letting your clients know about how you're balancing work and family will make you earn their respect and help in creating an understanding work culture.

So, next time your little one interrupts your call and comes running to you screaming, "Mommy, I need to pee", do not feel ashamed.

TIP: Work towards making a bond with the people you work with.


#10. Set An Example

As mothers, we are always looking for opportunities to make our kids learn something new. We never fail to let them understand the importance of investing time in learning.

As a mompreneur, remember to practice as you preach. Lead by setting an example for the young ones. Invest some time and put in extra effort for your professional development. Never stop learning and aim towards becoming a great entrepreneur and equally a better parent.

TIP: Enrol on a new online course, listen to podcasts, attend webinars, invest in yourself and set an example.  



Never-ending work. Long hours. Hectic schedule-being an entrepreneur and a mom have never been easy. This Mother's Day, we at SHEROES would like to take the opportunity to honour every mom entrepreneur who is making a difference.

To all the mompreneurs- 'May you find your greatest strength and tackle your biggest fear.'

And being tagged as a 'mompreneur' is the most rewarding title in the world. Don't you agree?

We hope you find these tips inspiring enough to take your entrepreneurial journey to new heights. Share some advice for all the budding mompreneurs and help build the next generation of successful mompreneurs.

Happy Mother's Day to all the gorgeous and lovely mothers on SHEROES


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