What Kind Of Mommy Are You?! Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Published on 18 May 2016 . 4 min read

Sources say that parents undermine their own parenting ability on 363 days out of 365 in a year. The two missing days being Mothers’ Day and their own birthday!

Whether it’s poor experience as a child, peer judgement, their own guilt or a function of the aforementioned, self-worth takes a solid hit.

If you want to make sure you’re getting motherhood right, take this quick quiz and ease your fears!

1. What do you like to do with your kids?

A) Go to the park

B) Bake cookies

C) Make crafts

D) Play board games

E) Read a book (or two)

F) Watch a disney movie


2. Pick a color

A) Red

B) Orange

C) Yellow

D) Green

E) Blue

F) Pink


3. Where does your family vacation?

A) The beach

B) Mountains

C) A luxury cruise

D) The local amusement park

E) The educational jungle

F) At home


4. What’s your typical family dinner?

A) A dominos pizza

B) Exotic meals you make

C) The cook’s spread

D) Order ins

E) Take Away

F) Daal-Roti


5. You comfort your kids by:

A) Hugging them

B) Offer them their comfort food

C) Listen to them vent

D) Lend a shoulder to cry on

E) Take them out

F) Tell them everything gets okay


6. How do you treat yourself?

A) Something for your sweet tooth

B) A great spa

C) A good glass of wine

D) A spontaneous yoga session

E) A shopping spree

F) A trip to the movies



1. Mostly A’s: Super amazing emotional Mommie- you are extremely emotionally attached to your little baby. You leave no stone unturned to love them unconditionally. For you, your baby will be a baby even when they’re 45!

2. Mostly B's: The best friend Mommie: You wear a cheerleader uniform to cheer your little one when they’re having a cricket match. You’ll play their games like a player, discuss relationships and what not! Rest assured, they’ll come to you first thing in a crisis.

3. Mostly C's: Hands-on-involved Mommie: From craft projects, to homework, you’re there having your little one’s back. You’re the rock solid support they can count on no matter. You’re a perfectionist by nature. What a lovely mommie!

4. Mostly D's: Independent-woman Mommie: You not only strive to achieve your own independence but you also aspire for your little one to be as independent as you can. You embody feminism and perfection and you only like a little help in life. You’ll watch your kid bloom from a distance and beam!

5. Mostly E's: Raise-an-Einstein Mommie: You have a focus straight when it comes to bringing up your baby. You know that academics and co-curriculars are in place and you swear by the saying “ all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” Salute to you, super mom!

6. Mostly F's: All-in-one desi mom: You’re the epitome of what every Indian mom is- an all rounder. You cook the best food on the planet, you are there at every parent teachers meet, you’re sorting kids’ fights and saving your kiddo from Dad! We LOVE you to bits.

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