What Makes Millenials So Different?

Published on 12 May 2016 . 5 min read

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We all hear about millennials, their behaviours, their likes and dislikes....but wait, who are they? Why is everyone interested in “these people”, in what they do, how one can retain them and what products they like?

A Millennial is the name given to the generation born between 1982 and 2004. The Millennial generation is the first born into the digital world, specifically the world of the Internet and social media.

After talking to a few people from this generation, we gathered few interesting facts, let’s put some more insight into their behaviour and living pattern.


As per Supriya, a young IT professional, she wouldn’t wish to work in a highly regimented and controlled environment. Supriya is interested in getting regular feedback on her performance,  but traditional semi-annual reviews are too infrequent for her,  she wants to know that she has done a good job as and when she does it.

In the past, when Millenials weren’t around; employees seemed pretty happy with a yearly review too!

As per Rohit, a presales professional, he may look for employment elsewhere if there are not enough challenging roles in his present organisation. How often would employees think of leaving a job because it wasn’t challenging enough before?


Shreya, an HR Professional wants her voice to be heard at the workplace and wants her ideas to be accepted. Shreya says she and her colleagues look for flexibility when it comes to work, their focus is to deliver results, which can be done at office or while working from home too.

Maybe this explains the sudden rise of young qualified professionals who prefer taking up freelance jobs or work-from-home opportunities?

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Pratyush, a Business analytics professional says, his main requirements are data, connectivity, networking and communication; he needs apps,  platforms and sharing tools which makes his work easy at office and helps him to be connected to his boss & colleagues .Pratyush remains at top of his work related updates and delivers prompt results with help of digital work enabling tools.

This Millenial generation really likes to be connected all the time. Be it at 1 in the afternoon or midnight, it is not unusual to expect prompt replies from this generation!


As per Neha, a Finance professional, open and straight communication with her boss, job rotation, learning & training opportunities, work-life balance attracts and motivates. As per Neha, money is not the primary motivator as mostly all organisations are paying well these days; its about the company, culture, excitement to work that attracts millennials more.

When it comes to personal life:

Millennials and Food

Kreeti, a young entrepreneur says, she likes to dine out frequently, she likes experimenting with food prepared in different restaurants, especially those that experiment with varied cuisines.

85 % of millennials like spending on eating out, irrespective of their disposable income.

Kreeti also says she not only looks for taste but wants to know the nutrition value of food items she purchases.

Kreeti puts the priority on cleanliness and hygiene too while dining out.

Millennials and Shopping

Sunita, a homemaker, prefers shopping online! Most of her books,  groceries, clothes are bought via the click of a button. It makes her an empowered and decision maker; her husband relies on her for all the shopping of necessary items…

This is large shift from the yesteryear where the need to touch and feel items before buying them was always a primary concern. From vegetables to clothing material, everything had to be examined before the decision to "buy it" was made.

Millennials and Gadgets

Shreya, a Literature student says she is surrounded by gadgets all the time and can easily adopt to the latest trends in technology.

Virtual reality, smartphones,playstation,Mbox and laptops are owned by a majority of millennials. Around 80% of millennials own these gadgets and use them for their daily work.

Such a gripping change between “the then and now.” In the old days, books and pen served multiple purposes and seemed to be the only things required for big business meetings and to make to-do lists.

Millennials and real-estate

As per a survey 85% of this generation searches for houses on rent or purchases them via research on websites. A complete change from the times we relied on “brokers” to find us the ideal home. Furthermore, a lot of millennials prefer to buy homes after taking loans rather than staying on rent.

They also seem to think of a lot of aspects that can add to “comfort” before taking a decision. For instance, Mohit, a young government employee, says he prefers renting a home which is furnished, so that buying furniture for his rented accommodation doesn't become a cumbersome activity.

As per Pratyush, buying a home at a younger age will help him secure his future, it can also act like an investment.

This age group does seem to do their homework very seriously before deciding on any aspect of life.

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