What Could Have Been Samanvi’s Strategy?

Published on 29 Apr 2016 . 3 min read

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There are many surprises one can expect after a break. Some rare ones with twists and turns can make one petrified. To move on, embracing the  challenge  is just being  practical. Choice is ours.

Samanvi  was too excited. She was attending the first face to face interview, after the break.That  season was that of dwindling jobs because of the ongoing recession; she had all the reasons to smile.  Backups and preparations  ready and done until she reaches back home, she walked in with her usual confidence, the one that defines her identity.

She was  being interviewed for a vacant team lead position. But what she had in store for that day is the crux. The panel had a joint director, a functional head and a senior team lead. She was senior because of the overall experience at that company. But by industry experience Samanvi was older. The functional head was an old team member whom Samanvi  inducted, brought  on board mentored and groomed. As she entered the room and greeted everyone, she could quickly place her. The functional head too recognized her. But  decided to grill Samanvi until she accepted defeat. It was difficult for Samanvi to explain things to the functional head as the questions got deeper; the lady had no technical knowledge pertaining to Samanvi’s current expertise which was obvious and was grilling just to take it deeper. 

At one point Samanvi  just said that the functionality of the software she was questioned about had many things other than just the topic they were getting deeper into.Then ,the lady stopped questioning. The interview ended after the joint director asked a few personal questions like her hobbies and family.The senior team lead remained silent through  the interview and appeared too contented being just a spectator.

Samanvi  returned home with no expectations from the incident. But to her surprise, she was called early the next morning. She was asked to come and take the offer letter. She was happy and equally sad. Delighted as her offer was after a break of a few years and apprehensive as she had to report to the functional head. After some reasonable thinking she went to the office  to collect the offer letter. The Joint Director asked Samanvi to attend an ongoing  meeting-a brain storming session that was happening right then and then come to his room for a brief up on her role.

The meeting, her boss, the old colleague and the current functional head had with the other technical leads (about six of them) was the next strange surprise.There was no one who spoke except the functional head through out the session.The team only said  “ yes,yeah and I agree”.The meeting ended with her being introduced to her peers.

Samanvi then went to the JD’s room.He greeted her with a genuine smile and said he was fairly impressed with her technical skills and was looking forward to her being an “active “technical lead. He explained -a lead who will speak up in meetings. Now, she knew the glitch.

Samanvi did not want to let the offer slip.She was also very concerned about handling  her new boss and the JD’s expectations.

What do you think Samanvi should do and how would she find her way forward.?

In reality Samanvi took the role  and things turned around quickly for her .

What could have been Samanvi’s strategy?

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Kanchana Selvakumar
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