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SHECO Top 40 Challenge, work at home business for women SHECO Top 40 Challenge, work at home business for women

In September 2020, we set a challenge for SHECO Partners encouraging them to make sales from the 10th to 30th of September, with the incentive that the Top 40 SHECO partners would win gifts. 

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To help and support our SHECO Partners in reaching their goals, we organised AMA sessions and one-on-one chats to help clear doubts as well as sales trainings to. 

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Our SHECO Partners enjoyed the unique and exhilarating experience of having SHECO Mentors offering advice on how to sell a particular product and having other SHECO Partners cheering for each other.

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Some of the incentives offered in the Top 40 Challenge were -

Brands that participated are I village, Navvyad, Medcords, Sprightly, Pinnacle and Synercent Crafts. Top performers were honoured with certificates, expert session with Sairee Chahal and cool gift hampers. 

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The Winners of SHECO’s Top 40 Challenge were Deeparani, who came 1st, and Amita, who came 2nd. We have published our interviews with them below.

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We’ve published their responses below so you can get to know them better, understand what it takes to become a Top SHECO Partner and learn more about the winner mindset.

Deeparani Hari


DeeparaniHari hails from a small town where she grew up, but is presently living in Mangalore. A BE Graduate in Computer Science, she has 5 yrs of experience in IT and has worked for many IT Companies.

Her knowledge extends to the fields of HR, selling, and teaching, and her hobbies and talents include cooking, watching TV, listening to music, gardening, surfing, dancing and drawing.

She started her journey with SHECO six months ago and started selling SHECO products. She found getting into the Top 40 challenging and exciting as she was able to showcase her talents and get in. 

She feels blessed to be the Winner and experience a private training session with SHEROES Founder, Sairee Chahal, and believes that she has proved that hard work will always lead to success.

When she set a target to achieve her goal, she created a strategy on how to and where to pitch the SHECO products. In the process, she learned the easiest way to pitch the products with continuous follow-up, which worked out for her.

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Her desire is to achieve success by selling high-ticket SHECO products where she can earn more profit. She is currently working hard to sell digital products with the aim to double her sales in October and is confident of achieving her goals.

Her advice is to work more, focus more on what you want to achieve and maintain your targets.

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Amita Chauhan


Amita Chauhan hails from Kolkata and calls herself a “Dreamer, Believer, Thinker and Achiever.” She wears many hats as a fashion designer, entrepreneur, food stylist, blogger, freelancer, content writer, poet, Shayari teller, online tutor, painter and homemaker.

With over 15 years of experience in dealing with customers through her Saadgi Brides in SaadgiDesigners Collection, she posses the qualities of self-love and loves dealing with her clients.

Having a good academic background and over 8years of work experience at TATA Motors, she was always been fascinated to be a designer with her own designer label.

She joined SHEROES in 2018 and later joined SHECO  in 2019 and tried her hands at selling by becoming a SHECO Partner and her efforts got noticed and she has consistently been the SHECO Partner of Month for June, July, August and September for the maximum number of SHECO Sales. Today, she feels great and proud of her achievements on SHEROES and SHECO.

September was a tough month for her, with her mother being hospitalised, and needing to focus on the SHECO Top 40 Contest, which was also important to her.

Although she was not able to concentrate, she somehow gathered the strength to show up and got good deals with maximum sales once again! She felt great to have made in the Top 40 Contest despite her family emergency.

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She believes that nothing is Impossible as the word, Impossible, itself says “I’m Possible.” Her advice is to be positive and believe in yourself and you will achieve whatever the situation.

She also believes that “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” and is happy to be blessed with the strength and persistence to fight, consistently showing up in every situation and her never-giving-up attitude which keeps her going with a smile always.

Her hard work and my dedication has never let her down. The going might be slow sometimes, but she is always appreciated by those who believe in her and aware of her capabilities.

In the near future, she sees herself as a successful She-preneur with a well-known identity and reputation. Her dream is to have her own customised boutique with her designer label collection.

With the lockdown slowly coming to an end and the Festive season around the corner, she hopes to make some good sales in the coming months and try to be in the top performer list once more. 

She left us with this final poem - 

खुद को यूँ खोकर ज़िन्दगी

को मायूस न कर,

मंज़िलें चारों तरफ हैं रास्तों

की तलाश कर,

हो जाएगी हर जंग में विजय,

हो जाएगी हर जंग में विजय.....

तू ज़रा कोशिश तो कर !!

   - अमिताचौहान

Did you find Deeparani and Amita’s journey and achievements inspiring? Want to know how to follow in their footsteps? If you’re not yet a SHECO Partner, click here to join and start earning from your cell phone.

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