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Published on 16 Jan 2015 . 3 min read

We just spoke about how important Networking is in the Business World, here,

Today’s Business World is largely digital. Entire businesses spend large amounts of money to command a niche in the online sphere today. As a businesswoman or independent professional, it is important to learn a few tricks so you can have an online reputation to boast of too. Not only that, you can easily use the online world to your advantage and network with people far beyond your actual physical reach. Here are some Networking Tactics that may help,

Change the Way you Use Facebook

If you are a businesswoman or independent professional, it is important to create and manage a professional profile online. You may be fond of sites like Facebook – however, this is where you should learn to separate the personal from the professional. If you are active on Facebook, consider creating one profile for your friends and family and another that is restricted to your work related posts. For instance, you can have two profiles in your name and use one just to post updates about your work, what work you are looking out for, what services you have added to your business and so on. Under this ‘professional’ profile you can then add people related to your work or business as friends. These can be your clients, vendors, sub-partners, colleagues and so on.

Switch to Professional Sites

Use professional binding sites like Linkedin to share your views on work and your business services. Create a company page and try to spread the work with people in and around your network. Of course, many start-ups use Facebook to market their services and products initially. But to take advantage of the online age, you have to branch out into every medium you can. The key lies in staying connected and active on all the popular sites.

Find Your Own Target

The beauty of the online world is that you can find potential target audiences anywhere in the world. If you freelance as a photographer or writer, you can contact agencies or independent start-ups and market your services to them by sharing it online. Similarly, if you run your own business you can use these mediums to increase your network base nationally and internationally.

Research a lot!

It is important to understand how other companies or professionals from your area of work are networking online. Observe how they do it but don’t just copy their formats and make it your own. Add your own ideas and creativity to it and then market yourself through relevant sites online. This is how you can create a wide network base for yourself online!

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