Five Reasons To Consider A #Workfromhome Career In Sales And Marketing

Published on 22 Mar 2016 . 4 min read

#Workfromhome is definitely not a new concept. It has existed since a while but in the past it was not talked about (much) and it wasn’t a popular notion. Today, some small to mid-sized companies are opening up to the idea of hiring remote employees and contractual / freelance workers. Bigger companies have started taking notice too while less than a month ago ICICI Bank launched an "Iwork@home" initiative.

For a seasoned professional who is about to make the switch, choosing the right #workfromhome career is the starting point. If you have never worked from home before, considering a career in Sales and Marketing would be the ideal way to begin.

Here’s why,

Learn on the job

If you are from another professional background, entering the world of Sales and Marketing may seem tough. However, the great thing about a job in Sales and Marketing is that you can quickly learn on the job. Basis the industry you are going to work for or the type of service / product you need to market and sell, you may need to do a little bit of reading to stay abreast of industry policy and news and of course, to understand your product well. However, this role is one that is easy to learn tricks while on the job. So it can be a great start for those looking to work from home for the first time!

Flexibility to achieve target based goals

In most if not all cases the Sales and Marketing team are given goals. As an at-distant professional, if you are told to sell an “x” number of products per month, it gives you 30 days and the freedom to decide who to approach how and when to achieve the goals. What the company you work for is most interested in is the number of sales / references you generate. As a work from home employee this can be a great way to kick start your new career and earn positive results professionally.

Remuneration is not bad

This bit may sometimes depend on the company’s size and your negotiating power. But in most cases, Sales and Marketing professionals, even the at-distant ones are paid a fair basic salary. Keeping in mind that a #workfromhome employee may not always need to physically go the office, this is handy. Also, should your workfromhome Sales role require you to meet clients outside of the home, you can always get the costs reimbursed.

A good way to ease in

If you have already been on a career break for a while and are unsure of where to start, this career option could work great for you! A work from home career in Sales and Marketing offers you the right kind of flexibility to ease into the role while allowing you to earn a fair salary. For the more senior level roles in this category, specific qualifications and work experience may be necessary. But, if you have good communication skills and negotiating power, you can easily bag mid-level roles.

Plethora of opportunities

Every successful company will have one thing in common – a great idea or a great service / product. The most important thing about Sales and Marketing is that – every company big or small needs a good team of professionals to boost sales. You will probably never run of new options to choose from should you realize in the future that this career is meant for you. In short, switching jobs won’t be that difficult!

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