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Published on 6 Apr 2016 . 5 min read

Ambika Sharma - Founder of Pulp Strategy and Instappy talks about her ventures and experiences as an entrepreneur today.

Tell us about yourself

Based out of Delhi, I am a 37 year old serial entrepreneur, thorough bred marketing and technology professional with an experience of 17 years, in new age marketing and technology integration, the founder and chief strategist at Pulp Strategy and Instappy. I’ve been accountable for integrated planning and implementation, improvement and consolidation in the organization and strategizing the creative communication for brands.

I hold an Honors Degree in English Literature and I’m trained software professional with an additional post graduate degree in Mass Communication.

My versatile disposition makes me nurture my passion for bikes making myself the proud owner of a Suzuki GSX–R1000 & a Harley Davidson Road King. I indulge my adventurous streak through extensive road trips, diving, swimming and kayaking.

How did the idea of Pulp Strategy and Instappy come about? What is the core product / service offering?

Communication and interactive technology is a people’s business and draws its success from the people who nurture it. There was a need in the market for communication, interactive marketing and digital to come together in synergy towards one common consumer oriented goal. This is the core of Pulp Strategy

At Pulp Strategy, we specialise in creating effective brand consumer conversations leading to partnerships. We empower brands with meaningful creativity, consumer insight, strategic design, shareable content, technology and the last mile implementation towards results.

Instappy, my second venture is a cloud based software platform for rapid mobile application development which allows users to build intuitive, stunning and fully native applications for iOS and Android instantly.

If not this field, what else would you have done professionally?

Along with Pulp Strategy and Instappy, However, if you are asking what I would have been if not an entrepreneur, I believe perhaps a travel blogger Biker, since speed and adventure has been intrinsic part of my life. But given a choice I would not change a thing, I love what I do.

As an entrepreneur and working woman, where do you think the key to balance lies?

I believe as entrepreneurs, we tend to take ourselves a bit too seriously. The key to balance for me lies in detached attachment. Not getting entangled in the ordinary complexities and staying focused on the product and the community I am building, inspires me to keep on pursuing my ambition. To my fellow women entrepreneurs who are trying to juggle different tasks, I’d recommend building a product you are passionate about. Be honest and express your talent and creativity, keep focused on long term goals and everything else takes care of itself.

What future plans do you have professionally and for the venture?

I believe both success and failure are never final. I’d will like to work on another challenge, build another product that would make a difference lives of people, soon that will be off the drawing board. For Pulp Strategy, I envision it to become the most successful independent agency in India, creating valuable products and campaigns for clients whilst offering better outreach, impactful content and heartfelt engagement. In this process developing talent and a culture of innovation will be key.    

What is a typical day at work like for you?

My day starts early, I like to have a few moments of peace and catching up with news. Reading. I’m in office by 10:30 AM and the day begins with product or project reviews. Most of the day is spent with different teams, projects and clients. Evening 30 minutes around 7 is spent with finance. I like to have the last 1 hour in the day to myself chalking out the next few days before I head home. 

What are the top three things working women turning entrepreneurs should bear in mind?

To all the women turning entrepreneurs, I cannot over-emphasize the importance of being authentic. Don’t get into entrepreneurship because you have to prove a point or the money game appears rather illustrious. From an early stage, it will be really beneficial if you know what your niche is, what you intend to produce and what value that product or service will hold for the community at large.

Also, focus on building a strong community around your idea. Like I said, we are natural builders. Invest your efforts in nourishing an entire community surrounding your startup, instead of just building a product future investors might get interested in buying.

Lastly, become aware of universal aspect of our nature. Entrepreneurship is not difficult for you because you are a woman. Everyone would have faced a challenge or discrimination but don’t let critics get to you. Keep your focus on building your product, the community around it and you would know nothing else really matters.

Any other thoughts you would like to leave our readers with?

I would just like to end on a note that we all should never be afraid to follow our dreams. It does not matter what your dream is as long as its meaningful to you and those you care about. Once you have that in focus things will move when and where you want them to move. Do not let any one tell you that you cannot, all that is needed is that you know you can. 

Paroma Sen
Paroma Sen is a professional content and creative writer.

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