The First Indian Woman Gymnast Qualifies At The Olympics

Published on 21 Apr 2016 . 3 min read

Dipa Karmakar’s name has gone down in history. She will always be remembered as the FIRST Indian woman gymnast to qualify for the Olympics.

What takeaways can we incorporate into our professional life with Dipa’s story?

You may not like it to begin with, but give it some time
Too often, when we just start a new job, we think of all the bad things. We compare our old workplace to the new office, we fret about the “attitudes” of the new colleagues, etc. But the point is, give it sometime because you don’t know what will come out of it, just yet.

Dipa was reluctant to join gymnastics as a child and was actually forced into the sport by her father, who was a weight lifting coach.

Whatever it is, you can work on it
None of us are perfect. But we can work towards getting to our goals irrespective.

Dipa, as a child had flat feet. Flat feet affect the athlete’s spring during gymnastics. Her coach and she had to work extra hard to get that curve in the feet going.

At the workplace, after some years of experience, we all begin to understand where our downfalls lie. Some of us could either be too shy to network right, some of us may lack confidence to talk at meetings… but the good thing is, you can work on it.

Improve upon it, take help from mentors / senior professionals. Read up on ways you can self-help.

Persistence counts!
If you want it, you have to go after it.

Dipa has undergone training since the age of 6. She has been trained by the same coach throughout these years.

If you have an aim in place, it may take years to get there. But that’s where persistence counts. Keep on at it, keep moving forward, keep the goal in sight.

Make a niche
Dipa is known to be the expert of one of the most difficult gymnast moves – Produnova. She isn’t just a gymnast or the first Indian woman to qualify at the Olympics. She has carved a niche for herself by getting the highest score performing the Produnova vault.

If you are good at something, capitalize on it. Make a niche for yourself and be known for something. If you are doing well in your field, think of ways you can improve “that one key skill”, make that one smart move, that’s the difference in getting ahead.

Thank you Dipa, for making India proud. We salute this SHERO!

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