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Baby Clothing Startup Baby Clothing Startup is a one-stop online shop where you can find an array of children’s clothes and accessories. “I love kids and dreamt of making baby clothes right from my childhood days” says Neha Sood, co-Founder of BabyCouture.

Neha talks to us about her e-store and what inspired her.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am from Shimla and I had what one could call a fairytale childhood. I have a BTech degree and worked with Accenture for a while. In 2009, I set up a software company with my husband, called Netzens Softech. As things stabilised in this company I thought of giving my childhood dream of making baby clothes a try. This led to BabyCouture.

How did the idea of Baby Couture come about?

It was natural. I love kids and dreamt of making baby clothes right from my childhood days. Making pretty small frocks and accessories for babies, dollhouses and many small childhood memories fired my imagination. My creativity led to BabyCouture.

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How long has it been since you started out and how has your journey been?

Barring a few hiccups, it has been an upward journey mostly. With an able team and a supportive family I have crossed one barrier after another. But as Frost wrote, “I have miles to go before I sleep”.

What is a typical day at work like for you?

I work late hours into the night and am a late-riser. I do yoga and breathing exercises on getting up. This infuses me with a shot of fresh energy. After that I get ready for work, have breakfast with my family and discuss household matters over the table and then I’m off to office. I start the day in the office with an informal review meeting with the team, discuss important matters and plan the day ahead. 

What are the challenges you face at work / in this field?

Every day is a fresh challenge. A challenge to stay ahead. A challenge to create new ideas and designs. To retain talented people and to keep a proper balance between work and family, personal and professional life. 

What plans do you have professionally for the future?

To make a household name and a big brand.

A message for all SHEROES out there.

Never give up midway. Give your ideas a try. The first step is always difficult to take. Then gradually you overcome the problems and find support from unexpected quarters. Rising step by step you will surely taste success one day.

neha sood
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