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Published on 23 Jul 2015 . 4 min read

The Label Corp is an e-commerce store: Styled by Celebrities that focuses on bringing  unique apparel,  accessories and home products for the stylish and independent shopper. If you’re looking for signature styles, this could be the ideal place for you! The venture was started by Preeta Sukhtankar with the aim of making private labels accessible to the discerning Indian audience

The company proudly stands on the shoulders of a talented group of women! Let’s celebrate this women oriented organization by getting to know a thing or two about them!

The ladies gather together today to talk to us about their work at Label Corp,

What is your average work day like?

Our average work day is full of brain storming sessions, in-house photo shoots, developing new products and meetings after meetings. All in all very productive days at work!

 As working women, what work-life balance rules do you’ll follow?

As working women, we find a balance in being productive at work and maintaining a great personal life after work. Our work day at office usually starts as early as 9. If some of us aren't sourcing for the next shoot, we are attending meetings or deciding launches of our new collections. After work we usually focus on health. So some of us head to the gym or a hip hop class around the corner. We try to maintain a good balance always.

Some favourite idols / movies / quotes?

Kanchi, our fashion merchandiser loves her romantic comedies and believes in keeping it stylish always. She idolises Jennifer Lopez.

Nupur is inspired by Olivia Palermo, many of us love Audrey Hepburn and Lilly Collins simply for their grace and class.

About the ladies:

Nupur Relekar: The Design Director

Hello to Nupur, equal parts foodie and Design Director. When not wielding her digital brush (read mouse) and designing all those gorgeous banners you see across our website homepage, our Woman Of Style is usually seen planning her next meal. With much fervour.

Kanchi Chokshi: The Assistant Merchandiser, for Closet Label and The Trunk Label

A big hello to Kanchi, our Assistant Merchandiser ( and Kanchi here is responsible for sourcing that gorgeous Ikat printed fabric you love among others, altering specs of items so that they fit you better, hence look better, and so much more. So if you need to know the difference between a skater dress and a swing dress, Kanchi’s your man (read woman)! Oh, and she’s also an absolute dance enthusiast. We swear. Play music in office for literally 1 minute, and Kanchi here is already bustin’ some mean moves!

Ria Kanal: PR Manager

Hello to Ria, our very stylish and uber cool PR manager! She’s responsible (and we’re SO glad) for when you see our pretty products featured in monthly glossies and in all them super cool blogs out there. She lives for the odd portion of chicken wings now and then, and is always, always up for some mall hopping and movie watching!

Supriya Hiremath Vora: Head of Buying - 

A shout out to Supriya, our Head of Buying (home accessories). All those vintage Parisian-inspired pieces you simply adore? Well, you’ve got Supriya to thank! She effortlessly lends her expertise to extensive product design, and firmly believes that it’s all in the details! Supriya is in its truest sense, an absolute Woman Of Style.

Yashika Lobo: Brand Director 

Perfectionist, clotheshorse, and top-shop photographer (stalk her Instagram, you’ll know) are just some of the things one can use to describe Yashika, our Brand Director. When not conceptualizing fabulous upcoming campaigns, she is found whipping up delicious meals.

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