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In order to make your business a success – you have to be unique and offer a unique level of service – this thought is what propels Sunitha Bharadwaj forward. She founded, Atriium a set-up that focuses on 3 different phases of business activity. Let’s read on to know more about what exactly her work is about and she got around to it,

What line of Business are you in? 

I work in the field of Online – Business Networking – bringing different verticals of the businesses for Alliances and JVs. Phase ONE is Focus on Media and Entertainment, Phase TWO is focus on Global Markets and Phase THREE - Other Sectors like Manufacturing and Automobile

What are the challenges a woman faces in this line of work?

I would say, a) Acceptance and b) Scenario has changed off late.  Today, the challenges are faced by anyone and everyone, but the main thing is how you convert these challenges into opportunities.

How did the idea of your business come about and what inspires you every day?

Books are my friends and reading is something I cannot live without. While reading an article, I came across the challenge faced by the Industry professionals in getting good Technology companies on board to make good movies; this made me work on filling the gap. 

I work, as if there is no tomorrow.My father is no more but he is my inspiration.  He fills positivity in me every moment.

What key points should every woman entrepreneur keep in mind when managing a business?

a) Legal aspects

b) Monetary management

c) Integrity

d) Good employee management

e) Marketing

f) Customer Loyalty

g) Keeping updated about the current trends in the journey of entrepreneurship

What does it take to set your business out among the competition?

It is important to be unique in your approach and level of service.

What was your first job like and how did it prepare you for your present profession?

My first job gave me a good foundation.  It helped me a lot in organizing my priorities both at the professional and personal level

Where are you from and where are you currently based?

I am from Bangalore.  I completed all my education in Mysore.  Mysore is a great place for education.  Currently I am based in Bangalore.

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