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Published on 2 Jan 2015 . 2 min read

They often say if you haven’t travelled far and wide then you haven’t really lived. Those who have the travel bug within them would love the idea of exploring the unseen. Travelling to new places is an experience in itself. Kiran of Birdsong & Beyond  extracted this and made it her life’s job! She offers the idea of bespoke journeys and experiences that help the traveller in you connect!

Here’s what this SHERO has to say,

What Line of Work are you in?

My venture - Birdsong & Beyond is about creating Experiences that Connect. I design and curate and lead bespoke journeys, and experiential creative workshops.

How did the idea come about?

I built it up organically, from a lifelong passion in offbeat travel, in learning, in creative growth and a deep sense of connect with nature and seeking the inner connect with myself. 

What advice can you give women aspiring to start their own business?

You absolutely have to love yourself, believe in your passions, know yourself and have perseverance no matter what. Don't carry a sense of entitlement that whines, but live with a sense of great self worth that gets you what you work for, because you can then make things happen. 

What are your immediate short term plans for Birdsong & Beyond?

The immediate plans are to take it to more and more likeminded trade partners, promote our offerings more proactively, attend trade meets and to have a stronger presence on the blogosphere, twitter and with our communications. More advertising, media coverage, more events that establish the brand credentials with the right target market. 

What are the challenges involved in starting an entity / website like this?

As a single person business, it’s sometimes a lot of hard work to stay on track, to keep self motivated, especially when things go wrong, or business is low. 

How do you market your product / service?

So far, it’s been largely word of mouth and Facebook. Now we are experimenting with a tie-up with another umbrella brand, and also looking at bigger trade players to sell through, and for some in the event and travel market, to represent us. Also being a noticeable presence in forums and events and places related to our work helps to sell indirectly. 

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