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Published on 16 Jan 2015 . 3 min read

There’s definitely more to her than meets the eye. She races professionally and is also the VP of a premier company in New Delhi. That combination in itself is a marvel of sorts!

It is motivating to hear Garima Avtar’s thoughts and to get an insight into her positive mind. She has her set of beliefs that make her a wholesome person. Let’s read on to know more of this wonderful personality,

What Line of Work are you in? 

I'm a Professional Rally Car Racing Driver and also VP of Business Development at Delton Cables Ltd, New Delhi

What was your first job and what did it teach you.  

I worked for the first as a Manager at Delton Cables Ltd. After a lot of sincere hard work at the company, I was promoted to Vice President. Although I haven't done a professional Business Management course, life is a great teacher; at my work place I gained exposure and learnt to have faith in my abilities and instincts. 

How have you grown professionally over the years?

Life’s a climb, but the view’s great. In accordance with life's mercurial nature, accepting its inevitable paradoxes of joy and sadness is what makes it a great journey. I have had my fair share of rough times, but I tackled those obstacles with a spirit of adventure and resilience.

While being simultaneously involved at Delton, I came across my passion for cars and racing.  It led me to pursue racing professionally as a part time rally racer. I began with being a part of Mahindra, a Team highly sought after, and after initially doing TSD rallies, I moved on to high speed rally racing.

In fact, this year itself, I participated as a member of an all Women's Team, in the first two rounds of the Indian Rally Championship where our performance was applauded. I am currently training under the Asian Pacific Rally Champion, Gaurav Gill. 

What beliefs led you to your present professional standing?

Be brave in the face of adversity. 

Be grateful. 

There's no end to learning and constant evolving. 

It's not a man's world. 

Mind has endless power. 

Stay positive. 

God is within you. 

What does it take to be able to balance the multiple roles of a woman?

I like to set goals and measurable targets. I have learnt to have minimal expectations from everyone and it has helped me tremendously. Meditating helps to declutter my thoughts. By practising acceptance, I am optimistic when things do not always turn out the way I had planned them to be. 

Some words of advice for all our SHEROES?

I have a gratitude rock on my bedside table and every time I see it or touch it I thank God. I've taught my daughter to do the same. And believe me this practise of gratitude has tremendous power.

Secondly, our world is a labyrinthine network of a billion dreams, hopes and desires; a blessing and an inheritance from some of the greatest souls. Each day is a new challenge: we find ourselves facing difficulties in every task endeavoured. Often, this intense desire to prove ourselves leaves us drowning in the inevitable trenches of jealousy and competition; it is a loss of our awareness of life. In this mad race, rare people actually 'live' and even rarer are those who live for a cause. We merely exist. 

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