Life At Accenture As Senior Manager, Deepti Gogia Says It All

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From managing a demanding job to handling her two little ones, Deepti Gogia, a Senior Manager at Accenture, does it all. She talks to “SHEROES” about bringing her passion to work and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Tells us about your work at Accenture.

I started in an HR role, then transitioned to a role in Strategy practice. In my current role, I am a business manager for the Strategy practice in Capability Network, where I manage operations for the practice. I also support external and internal collaboration.

What does a typical work day look like for you?


My work day is full of activity with pressing deadlines, meetings with stakeholders in the leadership team, conducting leadership meets and multiple calls with global stakeholders during the day

With a day like that, how do you manage your kids’ expectations?

I believe that planning is the key to success—for instance, I give my cook a two-week menu plan for the kids. I also ensure my family is always in the loop when it comes to my travel plans. Planning ahead always works. I organize my work to be there for important school days and special occasions of my kids.

What is the best thing about working at Accenture?

It is an exciting place to work! Each project or role is different and has a new set of challenges to deal with. Whether it’s a difficult deliverable, a demanding stakeholder or a new offering to learn about, I have learnt how to manage complexities effectively.

I’ve always had the freedom to operate like an entrepreneur. When a task is assigned to me, I am given the freedom to set my targets and the flexibility to work from home, when required. We have all the tools and technologies that enable us to work virtually including “Skype for Business” and Telepresence.

Accenture is a company that believes in enabling women employees to have a career. As an example, I was promoted when I was on maternity leave for my second child and had the flexibility to work from home in the initial days when I joined back.

What advice would you give someone starting their career at Accenture?

Invest in building new skills and keep learning. Accenture is a wonderful place to work since it has a lot of focus on skill development. The company gives you every opportunity to grow.

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