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In love with life, Shalini truly believes that life loves her equally! Shalini is one of India’s best Life Coaches and Trainers. Her workshops and coaching interventions have transformed countless lives. By enabling seekers connect with their essential being through integrated and holistic spiritual and healing techniques, Shalini nudges them to reassess their lives and choices, opening up to them a universe of limitless possibility, putting them each firmly in control of their own lives and destinies.   

Shalini left behind a successful corporate career to transition to a Trainer &Life Coach. Her personal quest of seeking life’s greater meaning and purpose led her through many wondrous and inspiring spiritual alleyways, changing her life forever in the process. We talk to Shalini about how she transitioned her career path and healing is all about:

Tell us about yourself

‘Some people see life and say what it is. I dream what has never been and say why not!’ This quote has been in my awareness from a very long time in my journey in this life. I am Totally in love with life and I believe life loves me equally.

I am a post graduate in management and started my corporate career with Taj group of hotels in Sales and marketing and thereafter in American Express, consulting for large corporates, managing their expenses in Mumbai and Delhi. With a successful career spanning over a decade and journeying through my personal transformations, I was inspired to make a transition from being a banker to become one of the only 15 Global Heal Your Life ® Trainers, Shifting gears, to follow my heart. Thus started the Loving yourSelf Foundation, helping and assisting people to explore their highest potential and expand their Heart consciousness through Seminars and Coaching sessions.

Recently I was reminded by my mother that when I was a little girl, I used to dream of becoming a cardiac surgeon and we both realized that what I do now, is very similar! I may not be doing open-heart surgeries in the hospitals but heart opening trainings, seminars and sessions for sure! 

I am married and live in Gurgaon with a very supportive and loving husband. I love watching romantic films, reading inspirational books and traveling to sacred spiritual places.

How did you get started with Loving yourSelf Foundation? 

I was a very inquisitive but a quite child in my growing up years and would often wonder about the reality of the fairy tales and the magic in them. Little did I know that it is all true only if you believe in yourself. I explored a lot and finally on reading the book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay in 2008, the universe unfolded new ways of thinking and living for me. The seeds of change were sown and as I was growing in my corporate career, I was also getting equally intrigued by the mysteries and the laws of the universe, learning about the mechanisms of manifestation, diving into the ocean of emotions and exploring the possibilities of life, life that I really wanted to create for myself and others. Loving yourSelf Foundation was thus conceived and I took 3 years to organize myself which included planning finances, getting professional and international trainings in this area, mainly in UK and last but not the least, settling my emotions while making the final exit from my decade long successful corporate career.


Loving yourSelf Foundation is an endeavor to inspire you to form an inner connection to Love yourSelf thereby recognizing your true magnificence and expanding your consciousness. My prayer is that it becomes your magic wand for achieving the gentle transformations that you desire in your life, awakening your inner Divine wisdom on your evolutionary journey.

Amongst the offerings are the Loving Therapies for a personal session in Past Life Regression, Heal Your Life® Coaching, Angel Oracle Card Reading, Sound Healing with Singing Bowls,  Loving Workshops on Heal Your Life® philosophy, if you feel like entering the gateway of personal growth and spiritual advancement and Loving Babies, if you are interested in exploring the opportunity of welcoming your baby into your world in a relaxed and peaceful manner using HypnoBirthing®. If you are inspired to aid others in their journey of self-discovery, to start a new career or enhance an existing one, various Internationally Certified and Licensed Teacher Training programs are available.

What are the challenges you face being a trainer and self-empowerment coach? 

I am fortunate that I get to interact with so many people from diverse cultures and backgrounds but deep down we all are similar and think in the same way. All of us have similar emotions – anger, fears and insecurities etc. all of us want to be loved and to love someone else.  The real challenge comes when people forget that they are magnificent in their own way and that they have their own unique purpose to live.

Also, it is very heartening to meet people who really want to make a difference and are exploring and looking for the right avenues that resonate with them. The Heal Your Life® Philosophy is very simple, practical and easy to practice. When such people learn this philosophy and practice it and see and witness the results, the smile on the faces and the sparkle in their eyes makes my day and my belief in my work and myself gets even stronger. 

What is your advice to all the SHEROES out there?

Claim your magnificence and live your life fully with lot of love and happiness. Of course there will be ups and downs and that’s ok as this is part of life. As you blossom, your family too gets the fragrance of the lotus within you. As you live your dreams, you set an example for your children as well and teach them to follow their hearts. And it is never too late! 


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