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Last updated 29 Apr 2014 . 3 min read

In the formula one male-dominated world, the Spanish driver Maria de Viollta always managed to make her presence felt. The life of this SHERO was cut short by what is being suspected a heart attack.

Maria was a woman of grit, tenacity, never ending determination and strength. She rose from being go kart driver to a formula one driver, joining a handful of women in motor-sporting. She dared to venture in a world in which women seldom think of going.

In 1996 she won her first go kart race and after that there was no looking back. In 2001 she bagged the first place in Toyota formula 1300. And after this her winning spree continued in numerous races. In 2008 she took a huge leap, going beyond motorsport, to be the ambassador for Women Day Madrid Community.

However, her career was short-lived, her dreams unfulfilled, she met with a fatal life-threatening accident in July 2012 at Duxford Aerodrome. She lost her right eye and suffered head and facial injuries. The accident probably meant the end of her career, but she started Ana Carolina Mahou Dieez foundation that works with the intention of helping children with forms of genetic neuromuscular disease.

Maria was also a part of Women and Motor sport commission, a federation that aims to create a sports culture which facilitates and values the full participation of women in all aspects of motorsport. Find more about their mission on their site.

Earlier this month, Maria made her first public appearance giving an interview to Hola. She revealed that she had also lost her senses of smell and taste, still suffered from headaches, and was scheduled to undergo further surgery, but that she was open to a future return to racing if she were to be granted a license, and that she also wished to become involved in promoting safety improvements in motorsport.

But maybe it was never meant to be, she is now a part of world we are oblivious of. Maria a SHERO in every way and will always remain alive in our hearts inspiring women and girls to join motorsporting.

Maria was to release her autobiography “Life is a gift” on 14th October, 2013. Here is to the woman who never abandoned her lust for life, may she rest in peace.

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