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Read This If You Want To Become An Online Tutor

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Working as a tutor can be a hugely rewarding job, not to mention a great way to earn a living and being your own boss. Online Tutoring is growing at a fast pace in India. If you have a passion for teaching others then there's never been a better time to consider working as a self-employed online tutor.

Starting Salary: As an Online Tutor, you can expect a starting salary in the range of 15K to 20K.

Expected Average Salary: Your earnings will grow with time as you gain trust of more parents by word of mouth.

Pre-Requisites to become an Online Tutor:

To be an online tutor you should have:

1. Good ICT skills using new technologies
2. A keen interest in your subject with wide experience
3. Enthusiasm and the ability to motivate students
4. The ability to work with students with disabilities
5. A patient, supportive approach
6. Organisational, planning and time management skills.

Entry requirements vary for this job, You should have a Graduate/ Post Graduate Degree in your subject. A Teaching qualification is an added advantage.

Is it Right for me?

Working as an Online Tutor requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a passion for teaching and, above all, patience. Becoming a professional tutor calls for a solid educational background and on-the-job training. Individuals who enjoy working with children on a daily basis may want to consider a career as a professional tutor.

It's important to have patience and to have a genuine interest in working with younger people. If you have the ability to motivate people and approach new challenges with enthusiasm, then working as a online tutor can give you great job satisfaction.

Should I go fo it?

If you are willing to Contribute to someone's life by sharing knowledge and experience pure joy of giving the it's big yes! Make sure you have a laptop/desktop with good processing power and RAM (~4GB) and Power backup in case your area has electricity issues

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  • A*****
    I would like to offer my sincere services as an online tutor. I am M.Sc.(biology)B.Ed.having more than sixteen years teaching experience.
  • S*****
    Would it be possible to help me with the contacts where I can join as online tutor
  • T*****
    I hv already work as a personal tutor n I like to work as a online t I'm tutor Pls share all information with me
  • N*****
    I would lije to apply cor this... pls gv the details...
  • P*****
    I need to do this. Can you please share the exact path where I have to apply in SHEROES. I can take classes for UI Skills.
  • S*****
    Their are various online tutoring platforms that hire tutors to work from home. Some even have franchisee options available. You could check out SHEROES Job board for some of these opportunities. All the best :)
  • P*****
    Please could I get the links offering job as online tutors . I have 7 years experience in teaching its my passion .
  • S*****
    Is that available for local languages and tell me the websites which provides for local languages
  • S*****
    I would like to apply, please do guide.
  • S*****
    I don't mind trying it ......If d starting salary is 15k to 20k.....
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