SHEROES’ Glamorous Date with Actress Chhavi Mittal

Published on 22 Jun 2019 . 1 min read

chhavi mittal on sheroes chhavi mittal on sheroes

There is one thing we Indians love as much as our Big Fat Indian weddings and spicy food and that is BOLLYWOOD. Or you can also say the TV industry. The only thing apart from watching Pokemon in childhood I remember is Tulsi welcoming us to her home every night while eating dinner with my parents. And if you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s Tulsi from “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”. On Saturday, 8th June, my afternoon, and that of women at SHEROES was quite a Bollywood style as we had Chhavi Mittal to chat with us.

Chhavi Mittal is an Indian film and television actress, you might recognize her from her widely popular character, Disha from the daily soap, "Tumhari Disha". She also co-founded Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT), a digital production company, along with her husband Mohit Hussein.

"Sometimes in life, you're not prepared for what's about to come and sometimes those are the best things ever"

We truly agree and believe in these words of Chhavi Mittal, who was strong and bold enough to emerge as a shining warrior even at the time when life threw a curveball at her. She was not scared to raise her voice and ask questions concerning the state of Pregnancy care and childbirth process in India.

The new mom, Chavvi Mittal shared her trauma, bravely recounting her experience with C-section even though she wanted to bring her baby naturally in the world. She along with her husband had discussed the birth plan with the entire hospital staff that would have been involved in the process. Her few conditions were, to have her husband, Mohit with her throughout the process as he's her support system. She wanted to proceed with hypnobirthing and didn't want to be induced with any drug during the whole process. The hospital assured her that her request would be fulfilled. But this trust that she vested in the hospital and her doctor was broken.

This is the sad state of medical treatment for expectant mothers, and the women on SHEROES truly connected and related to Chhavi’s story.

She answered many queries of the Women on SHEROES and was showered with love and gratitude. She also shared with our users how in the beginning, it was easy to get into the industry but sustaining work was difficult. She elaborates on how in life if we should not give something so much importance that it governs us rather than us governing it.


Chhavi disclosed that she's a gym freak and will start with her workout once her doctor gives her a green flag. When asked what all food she avoids, Chhavi told she likes to eat everything apart from processed food. And from a celebrity, you would expect her to use fancy beauty products. But like every Indian woman who swears with her mother’s beauty secret, Chhavi vouches on coconut oil.

Mantra for Happiness: FAMILY FIRST

Chhavi tells how she never takes up projects that keep her away from her family. Because she believes that there's nothing worth missing her kids' hugs and her husband's company. She emphasized how her family comes first. The women loved her and were inspired by how she manages work and family. And whenever she gets bogged down she takes it as a sign that she needs to slow down things which most women could relate to. She urges them to take out some time with themselves and gather themselves as she does and do things they love.


We think there’s one thing every woman whether housewife or working will agree with, is the issue of finding “Perfect maid”, in fact, some might say it’s a myth. And our beloved, Chhavi is shipping on the same boat, She tells the community how the series, “Maid in Heaven” by SIT is based on her own struggle of finding a maid that’s half decent.


She shared how even though she became an actor accidentally by landing for an audition for an Ad at first and getting selected for “Tumhari Disha” in the first round itself, the toughest challenge was to get back on her feet after her first childbirth. She was bombarded with horrible roles and bad money. At first, She was very disheartened but she didn’t let it stop her. It took her, Two years to realize that things won't change till she does something, This lead to her starting SIT which marker a big landmark in her life and was a dream come true. This made her realized her true potential and gain not only confidence but wisdom and new found respect for herself. After that, the rest is history. Talking about histories, Chhavi shared how every roled she played on TV or Films offered something different. She really enjoyed playing a lawyer in “Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyan”.

It was a true pleasure to have Chhavi Mittal with us to interact with the women on SHEROES. Everyone loved her wonderful aura and the outlook she has for life. Her positive determined and attachment towards her family reached and touched the hearts of many women. Her advice stirred the women and we hope to have her with us again in the future.

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