“If you are part of someone’s success, you are blessed”- Champion Sarita Sinha

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One of the most common things in most schools in the morning assembly. In my school, we used to have “thought of the day” in every assembly. One quote that I vividly remember and sure that many have heard at least once in life is, “God help those who help others”. Sarita’s story reminds me of this quote from my childhood. 

Meet Our Champion, Sarita Sinha

A motivator, mentor and co-founder of MehndiCultr LLP, Sarita was born into a matriarchal family in Kerala, married to a Bihari and settled in Gujarat. Her father was in the Air Force, then in the Navy for a few years and finally retired from ONGC. 

Due to his multiple postings, she studied in different parts of India and can speak six languages. 

She is also a national athlete and won many prizes. She has a Master’s of Social Work from M.S. University, Baroda, Gujarat, and worked in the Learning and Development field since 1999.

Her family has been very supportive in all her endeavors. This care and support can be seen in how Sarita leads her own life.

Creating Equal Opportunity With Art

Sarita founded MehndiCultr LLP in 2015, a for-profit social enterprise that connects many dots with henna art.

Her venture shows how much Sarita believes in giving back to society. It’s said that a person’s most useful asset is not knowledge, but a heart full of love and the ability to give to others.

Sarita Sinha 2

Sarita supports people with disabilities by providing training and giving them work, and in turn, they can raise their earnings through Mehndi application.

They also started designing on candles and canvas with mehndi and this helped the young girls with a disability, earn from home.

This wonderful initiative has also been invited by international forums to train international mehndi artists in the UK, US and other countries.

MenhdiCultr also sells products designed with mehndi and mehndi powder.

Mentoring Rural Women Entrepreneurs

In 2020, SHEROES partnered with Google’s Internet Saathi program, to launch the Internet Saathi Accelerator,  to support over 500 plus rural women entrepreneurs via mentorship, digital skilling and community support.

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Sarita Sinha 4

When asked why Sarita said yes to being a Mentor, she shares, “If you are part of someone’s success, you are blessed, especially when they accept you. My experience: I thank Team SHEROES for considering me to mentor rural women entrepreneurs. When I met them, I was very fascinated by their enthusiasm. My buddy Narayani is very helpful, and is supporting me and the Saathis in the right manner.”

Having been part of the SHEROES community, for the past few years, she understood that it’s the best platform for ladies to interact, learn, share their ideas and showcase their talent. It’s so safe that they don’t fear stalking, harassing and giving negative comments. Therefore, she was keen to aid rural women entrepreneurs with their journey. She believes that if rural women are given proper guidance they have a huge potential to rise high. She also thinks that one can only grow in life by helping others.  Sarita was very fascinated by the enthusiasm of her Saathis. One of the things that she finds sweet and interesting is how the children of the Saathi are keen to know what their mothers are learning. They are even guiding their mothers on what to do and how to use social media. Sarita says, “In a way SHEROES and Google are getting the young kids ready for the future.

In The Face of Challenges

Sarita Sinha 5

When asked about a few challenges faced by Saathis, Sarita shared with us how most of them require funds. They are unable to take their business to the next level due to a lack of funds.

And sometimes their family members are not supporting them. There are also Internet connectivity issues and low quality of mobiles. Some of them have to travel far to buy raw materials.

The challenges faced by MehndiCultr are different from the challenges faced by Saathis. But the one common thing is that they all need more money to scale up their business.

MehndiCultr is the only organization of its kind in the world working towards women empowerment with Mehndi (Henna) Art as its principal offering. Women who have had to resort to begging for survival, become commercial sex workers, women who have been inmates at rehabilitation shelters and those from marginalized sections of our society, have been trained in the art of mehndi by MehndiCultr and are now working as bridal Mehndi Artists with MehndiCultr to live a life of dignity and financial independence.

Now you also can Follow, connect and engage with Sarita on SHEROES!

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