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Anuradha Karthik, who currently works from home as the Sales Manager of Marg (a training company) tells us how she came across her ideal work from opportunity.

She was a member of the SHEROES community for 8 – 9 months before she got an offer from Marg. She now works-from-home, as a sales manager. To her, it is like a typical, regular day job.

“I am responsible for managing the sales, generating revenue, coordinating with the pre-sales team. That is the basic role. I joined in June and the experience so far has been good. I report directly to the CEO. This is my first work from home opportunity. I was working full-time earlier. I took a break for family reasons, pregnancy. The break lasted 9 years. Now both my children are in school. So I work 9 to 5 in my small home office, which consists of a table and broadband connection – basic requirements to work from home!”

There are several talented women who take breaks in their careers for a plethora of reasons. Most of them do try to return to the workforce full-time.

With regards to women who take a break and then try to find work, Anuradha says, “grab what comes in. After you have taken a break, you need to adjust to the present trend. Don’t look into the salary part only or the fancy tagline. Take what comes and understand where you stand initially.”

Anuradha feels that she  was lucky to find something relevant to her earlier job profile. However she still feels that there is a large difference between a work-from-home employee and a regular full-time one. “A regular employee would be getting more benefits than someone working from home,” she says.

However, it’s a choice we need to make. To work full-time at an office she would need to forego time with her children is what she feels. But when she works from home, her schedule is up to her.

If you’re looking for a sales or marketing work from home profile, what would you need? Anuradha says “for a marketing or sales profile you need to talk to clients. So if you are cheerful and want to talk to people then this is for you. But you have to be confident in terms of convincing others. As a work from home employee, you need to mould yourself into the role”.

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