5 Apps To Manage Your Money Better

Last updated 29 Dec 2016 . 5 min read

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List of 5 Apps to help manage your money better:
1. Mvelopes
Available on: Android (Free) | iOS (Free)
Mvelopes is an easy to use app which allows you to budget your income. It uses an envelope budgeting way to help you plan and track your household or personal budget. You can assign and manage your budget. You can also receive feedback on where you spent your money and how much is remaining. You can break down your monthly budget into small categories (Shopping, Rent, Eating Out, Health), and putting that amount into envelopes. Once you exhaust your envelope, you have to wait until the next month to transfer money. Its all in one accounts screen lets you view your savings and credit balances in one place. It also provides you saving tips. All in all its an easy app to get your budgeting done.


2. Wally
Available on: Android (Free) | iOS (Free)
Wally helps you to track your expenses in the easiest fashion. It allows you to add you expenses and categorise them. You can also add your income and set yourself saving targets. Its easy on the eyes and uses a fun interface. The best part is that you can scan receipts without spending too much time filling other details. Wally also has location service facility, by which it automatically identifies your venue, all you have to do is just add your expenses in. This app is user friendly and does a great expense tracking job.

3. Splitwise
Available on: Android (Free) | iOS (Free)

Sharing expenses with your friends always has been tricky. Most of us are shy picking up such money matters with friends. Right from splitting your house rent or splitting your pizza order bill with a friend, its a hassle. Or even managing expenses on a trip you take with bunch of your friends. Splitwise makes it super easy and hassle free for you. It saves you from that awkward talk of asking money that you lend to someone. It takes the trouble out of sharing expenses with your friends. It lets you split fairly without needing to make sure every rupee adds up. This app pretty much is a life saver. No confusions, no awkward talks and you get your fair share. 


4. Chillr
Available on: Android (Free) | iOS (Free)
Chillr is a payment app which allows you to send money to anyone in your phone book. The transfers are super instant and are done between bank accounts. It also allows you to recharge your phone, pay your bills and track expenses. It basically makes money transfer super easy for you. Almost all banks in India support Chillr. All transactions happen via a PIN Code which is only known to the user, hence making it super secure and safe. And provides a monthly transaction summaries as well. The best part is that it is super simple to use.
5. Your Bank App
All major banks in India offer free apps for banking. For example  SBIHDFCICICI, etc have their apps with all major facilities like checking your balance, money transfers, cancelling your lost card, etc. They are right there available right on your phone. You don't have to get stuck with customer care to get the basic things done. Also it helps you to keep a check on your expenses. You can keep a track of deductions etc. Most people are now adopting the apps to make their banking life easier. It totally secure to use these apps. It pretty much is like getting your personal banking right in your pocket.

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