About The SHEROES Report: Women at Work India, 2014

THE SHEROES Report - Women at Work, India 2014 is an exercise to arrive at a status check in the context of urban educated women and their work-life choices. The SHEROES report maps the corresponding business and social backdrops, and traces challenges and opportunities, in the context of women at work.

A large part of this report is Voices and Personal Stories of women, business leaders, change makers and chroniclers with their view on Women at Work in India.

The SHEROES report is however, a first ever exercise at this scale that focuses on urban middle class women, many of whom has undergone the cycles of the education system, the social traditions, the gender stereotypes and have remained the imperceptible middle. The conversation span of this report has been put together with inputs and insights from over 50,000 women across 60 cities in India.

Through this report, SHEROES hopes to share the learnings and the facts about choices and potential that lie before businesses in India and the women of India. . The report will be valuable to any stakeholder in business or public policy, as a tool to arrive at the trend-building landscape and business alignment related to women at work.

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