Working on your dream project without quitting your day job

Published on 7 Mar 2016 . 4 min read

If your passion becomes your profession, it is like a love marriage and when your profession becomes your passion, it is like love after the marriage. But for those who were wedded to the wily race of life against time, those who could not stop by to reflect upon their passion as they were embroiled in meeting their social and financial compulsions to keep life going, it’s never too late to pursue your passion!

And you could do it without having to risk quitting your job. Don’t forget - your day job has not only stabilized you financially but also functionally.

If your passion gives a meaning to your life, your professional job currently is the means to achieve this meaningfulness at the end of the day! So learn to balance them both as you cannot get into an “All or Nothing” mode till you have personally established yourself.

While your day job has already enhanced and exposed you to the world of multitasking, you could leverage on it and learn effective time management skills to give form to that brewing passion within you.

After all, pursuing a profession is a social obligation while, working on your passion is a holistic healing touch in itself!

“Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures” said Joseph Campbell, the American Mythologist, Writer, and Lecturer

Swamy Vemur, an IT professional loved music but was never able to pursue it, today at 45, almost without any foundation in music he has joined music classes alongside his 10 year old daughter and is completely immersed in music over the weekends. He finds it liberating and rejuvenating and prefers to skip those TV serials or cricket matches that do not add to his personal development.

Ajay likes to build tiny aircraft models, he is very organized and sticks to his work schedule so as to make time for his dream project. He drives out to distant fields in the evenings or wakes up early and jogs to the nearby park to power his passion of flying these little metallic birds.

Being organized and sticking to your schedule goes a long way in making way for that quality time which could essentially be that "I time!"

Karthik is a Banking professional during the week and turns into a farmer by the weekend. It is his passion to connect with nature. He along with his family plough and harvest their time in the pastures of their passion, demonstrating to their children what farming really is, as they feel that the modern breed of English speaking kids are disconnected from basics like farming!

We all crib about insufficient time for ourselves, but the trick to make time for your passion is to get everyone involved in your passion, like Karthik!

A passion is just anything that draws you to be engrossed into it, so much that you never know it could become your profession! It could bring out the entrepreneur in you!

People are born twice, one is when you take birth and the other is when you ask yourself, why you were here? -- Mark Twain

Shivya Nath, an engineering graduate and a travel enthusiast who shared her travel diaries on her blog, realized that she had a huge fan following and people actually sought her advice for making their travel plans, that was when she quit her IT job at 24 and went globe-trotting. Eventually she started her own travel venture.

Pursuing your passion is not about quitting that plush job without any foresight and falling flat on the face, pursuing a passion is not always about minting money either, nor is it always about inventing something new, a passion is more about knowing your other side to harp on your creativity and discovering your real strength, it is simply that which makes you feel elated and accomplished. It could even come from being successful in your profession!  

But to pursue your passion it helps to network with people of similar interests, seek help and learn to delegate your work if needed and make best use of any available spare time. Because time is money! And if your assertion about your passion is genuine then your passion gets the better of you! Like Mark Zukerberg says “If you just work on stuff that you like and are passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out."

By Mayura Rao

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