Why You Should Always Choose Happiness?

Last updated 2 Dec 2016 . 3 min read

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"A successful career and a happy home is all I wished for in this lifetime. I was proud of my achievements as a banker working in the government sector. I went on to fulfil my job demands one after the other, the hard work, of course! was followed by quick promotions and significant rise in salary in a short span of time. During my last promotion I was transferred to a small town near the city of my residence, Indore. My husband was supportive of my decision to move their with my kid. However, the next year, my kid was admitted to a school in Indore, away from me, with my consensus. It was now, that I had to travel across cities every weekend to meet my child. But, there were times that I could not travel. Slowly and steadily my child learned to live without me. He wouldn’t mind if I missed meeting him on weekends. My relationship with my husband was also bearing the burden of distance. He would often remark that I loved my work more than him. Being lonely in an alien city had already broken emotionally me, the alienating relationships only made it worse, and then it finally happened. I collapsed, completely, emotionally, mentally and physically. Today sitting with my therapist, with my child and husband waiting outside his clinic, I often wonder was all that stress worth it?” Said, a teary eyed Urvashi.

This is not just Urvashi's story, but, a life of, a lot of us women, who have at some point been on the verge of  breaking down. How does one stop it from happening? What can we do about it?

Here are a few habits that if developed can change your life - only for the good!


1. Workout and Meditate: Regular exercise not only leads to a healthy body but, it also releases tension. Meditation, on the other hand, frees your mind. It relaxes the constant flow of thoughts from inside you for a while, and, calms you down.



2. Focus on the present: It is often the baggage of our past and concern for our future that leads us to make wrong decisions. If we could make a much bigger deal about being in the present, life will be much simpler.



3. Don’t take life too seriously: Smile as much as you can, whenever you can! Play with your kids, watch a movie with your friends, have a meal with your parents, travel with your partner, always remember your time here is limited!



And most importantly remember you are not alone, go ahead and join a peer group or seek professional advice.



If you are curious and want to know about your mental health, then click here and be apart of an amazing emotional self awareness class.   



Nidhi Arora
An Elegant Nomad with a passion to excel, an eye for detail, a bucket list to travel and food for thought! *Humor is mandatory, Spirituality is essence*

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