When Is A Good Time To Have Another Child?

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Women often wonder when they can start planning for their next baby. Some wish to wait for a while before they take the plunge again, whereas others find it logical to have another child sooner, to complete their whole family at once.

It is vital to remember that there is no sure shot answer for this. You should always consider all the factors that go into taking such a decision.

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Your Body Needs Time To Recover

Women are recommended to wait for about 6 weeks after delivery before they can start intercourse again. The vagina and supporting structures require time to contract and heal from the gruelling process of a delivery. Many a time, doctors have to make an incision to assist with delivery, which has to be considered during recovery and healing.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body also gets spent off of essential nutrients. Quite a lot of women also tend to lose a lot of blood during delivery which can make them anaemic. So it is ideal to wait for a while before beginning to think about a second child.

Another reason to consider adequate spacing of pregnancies is mainly because you will have to take care of another newborn. That could reduce the time and energy you would have to invest in yourself when you are pregnant.

Age Is An Important Factor

When going in for another pregnancy, another key factor is age. Women who are above 35 years of age need to consider the fact that they are at an increased risk of having gestational disorders. The chances of complications with the pregnancy increases. This does not necessarily mean that there are definitely going to struggle, but a general risk is known to increase with age.

Younger mothers are more physically fit to carry a child to term. However, if the previous pregnancy faced complications or if maternal health has been noted to decline during or after delivery, it is better to wait before conceiving again. It is always best to talk to your gynaecologist when considering your next pregnancy.

The Age Gap Between Your Children

There are advantages of having children one after the other and also of having a substantial gap between children. The dynamics between the children differ depending on the age gap between them. However, there are no specific observations that can be placed for any group of siblings.

It has been generally noticed that older siblings tend to feel a sense of responsibility towards their younger siblings. Children with a gap of fewer years between them can sometimes be a task for new parents. But these are matters of perspective and a lot of it depends on the situation.

Consider Your Finances

A new addition to any family is always an extra expense. If both you and your husband are working, you have to consider the maternity leave you will have to take again, especially if these are unpaid. To add to the list - the space, clothes, diapers and every other expense you counted for your first child, will have to be reflected upon again. You might also have to consider adding daycare expenses and extra help to your list.

While there is no steady research to support the adequate age gap between siblings, most research recommends waiting for 18 to about 24 months for conceiving your second child. It is, of course, best to discuss your option to have children with your partner. Always consult with your gynaecologist on how you are coming along physically and if you are prepared to have your second child. It will take a lot of hands on deck for the arrival of another child.

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