What to choose – Your own Brand or a Job?

Published on 23 Nov 2015 . 3 min read

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Are you a mother who left her nine to five lucrative job to raise kids? Are you looking to pick up the pieces from where you stepped down? Is the first word you think of – "Job"? No doubt, it is secure and ensures a regular source of income. But is it the only career option in your lap? Think again! When you have to start ideally from scratch and the house finances are not dependent on you, building your own brand may not be a bad idea. You may wish to run the fanatic fashion fete, display your art exploits to the connoisseurs, write your heart out, or share your culinary quests. Here are five reasons you should never let your reveries fade.

1. Freedom from the nine to five slots

Building your own brand gives you the freedom from the pre-set schedule of the job. You are at your liberty to manage your time according to your convenience. You can easily accommodate the family demands by structuring your work hours. Moreover, you decide the amount of pressure you can take at a particular moment by managing the work load. Most importantly, you live a life devoid of the monstrous phoney deadlines.

2. Creative autonomy

You are the boss of your brand. So, you are independent to do what you always wanted to. You may be an artist in the body of an HR professional. Here is your chance to follow your muses. What more, you get the creative salvation. No nagging bosses. You are the sovereign sole proprietor free to administer things the way you like.

3. Productivity uncensored

There is nothing like getting into your own trance. You are the most productive when you follow your passion. It is going to save the unproductive hours spent banging the mismatched interests. The results speak out for you.

4. Risk averse

At this stage of life when you are planning to start afresh with relatively humble peer pressure and high spirits, you are averse to the risks associated. Even if your brand value does not feel the initial adrenaline gush, you have enough time to plan and revamp. The privilege of watching your kids smile and sprout while working keeps you rolling to take on the world with fervour.

5. Brand power

What can be more addicting than see your brand rise! No stagnant-job blues, no missed glories, your brand reaps the fruits of the seeds you sow. People recognise the tycoon you are and not the company you work for.

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Neha Dewan
An environmentalist by training, I worked in the corporate sector during the initial years to find a confluence between the industries and nature. At present, I teach Biology online to higher secondary students. I love exploring the sabbatical blues faced by women like me and how the magnanimous internet could help us.

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