What Not To Do Before Your Wedding

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The wedding season is on and everybody’s rushing in for beauty treatments or visiting skin care clinics for different skin related issues. But sometimes, the wedding date is just a couple of days away and not much can be done to help resolve these skin problems. A general advice to all young men and women looking at improving or correcting some skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, dullness or scars is that the skin requires at least a few weeks to show visible and noticeable improvement. And it is best to see a skin doctor or a dermatologist well in time to figure out the various options suitable to address the concerns.


The natural desire and pressure to look the most gorgeous ever on her wedding day makes every bride-to-be very vulnerable to go in for over promised beauty treatments and a host of home remedies from well-meaning family and friends. This more often than not leads to over sensitive skin which, instead of looking better, actually becomes more bothersome. We bring you a few tips for brides to help them stay away from making these basic skin mistakes:


Avoid In One Sitting
Avoid salon facials promising glow and fairer skin in one session. Not only do these facials tend to bring out a sudden outbreak of acne, but hidden bleaching agents may irritate the skin and leave the skin looking blotchy and burning.


A Week Before The Wedding

Avoid going in for any salon services in the one week before the wedding. All services must be availed well in time to account for any remedial measures if required.


Home Remedies Overload!

Stay away from trying too many home remedies at once. Severe reactions are very commonly seen with the overzealous use of harmless looking lemon juice, honey, gram flour, raw aloe vera etc.

Fruit peels

Two Weeks Ahead

Avoid fruit peels, enzyme peels or even chemical peels for two weeks before the wedding as the dryness and peeling effects sometimes last very long, and may make the skin look dull. Similarly, microdermabrasion treatments for the same reason should be spaced alike.


A Month Before 

Any attempt to drastically change the contours of facial features, like using fillers to augment the cheeks or lips, should be done a month or at least a fortnight before. Hair color change should also be done at the same gaps. The effects of these treatments lasts long and one needs to be sure of the final outcome, get used to it and the gap gives you enough time for any modification, if required.

Make sure of the quality of the beauty services you are going in for. Look for the labels of trusted brands for beauty products used on the skin. Do not take the risk of trying new products at a short gap before the wedding, however promising the results, as any topical preparation will take a few weeks to show result.


Are you a bride-to-be? What is your personal experience regarding beauty treatments for weddings?


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