What Happened When I Went For My Waxing After 4 Months

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Memories are meant to be cherished and put a smile on our face. Whereas, memories of 5 women packed into one room, talking about the ordeal of waxing their bodies raw, is hilarious. That’s our version of locker room talks, gentlemen. 

Women are believed to have a high threshold for pain. So complaining about pain during waxing somewhat seems superficial. Believe me, it is not.





One fine night, when the girls were dressing down to their night dresses, the conversation around waxing started. I don’t exactly remember what and who started it, as I was busy wiping off the make-up from my face. I heard Rain cursing her ‘parlor wali for ripping body hair off of her back mercilessly, which lead to an allergic reaction. Bang! That’s it, Vishu jumped in with twinkling eyes, ready to vent out against the parlor lady who ripped her raw and left her red, like literally.


Have you ever noticed the expressions of your parlor didi. They get into this ‘war mode’ so that they can weed out every single hair follicle on our body.  Next time please do look up at their faces. They hate us because of our body hair. They just want to get that damn amazon forest growing on our bodies to be stripped off. And of course, the shaming! I think the parlor didis are the most heartless lot. They will count every damn thing wrong with your body and face. If you are interested in getting shamed by someone, please do visit your local salons. You know you’re lazy AF when the lady waxing your legs says, bohot dino baad karaya hai, growth bohot zyada ho gai hai, isliye itna dard ho raha hai. That is the moment when you want to bang your head into a wall.





Vishu  was openly admitting, “Umm, well I am waxing my body after a span of 4 months.” Bae, we all did! I mean seriously when you have the luxury of staying covered in full clothes during winters, why the hell would anyone willingly go for waxing? Our reason was GOA! As far as I am concerned, I don’t mind the ripping of wax strips, what irks me is the hot wax. It puts me off, to the extent that if it was feasible I would have preferred tweezers instead of wax strips. Ladies, parlor walis hate your body hair and if you are at their mercy, they will make sure to rip out that one single hair glued to your skin. And that sticky feeling you get even after cleaning up, Eww and Yuck :(


Rabs perhaps got confidence from our stories and confided into us,” Guys I guess I can share with you’ll now. Waxing was painful for me too. I just didn’t get rashes or redness to prove it. Oh boy, I don’t know what wrong did I do to my handler in a salon. While waxing she ripped the life out of me.” 


One by one, we came out with our waxing stories and the one who laughed the most was the baby of the group, Raffy.  We put down our guard and said out loud, WAXING IS PAINFUL. We laughed at our desperation to flaunt smooth, shiny legs in shorts and dresses. The need to look like beach babes and click killer pictures.


One of us had rashes, one among us got redness, and rest of us felt bald and hairless, but each of us laughed at ourselves for going through so much for a pair smooth legs and arms. We aren’t perfect, we know it and that is what makes us kickass. Laugh at yourselves ladies, your beauty lies in your humor. Humor yourself. We did and spend a half hour in enacting the parlor scenes just to laugh at ourselves. What fun!


Until our next salon appointment, keep growing that hair to encounter the wrath of parlor didi.




Lola Jutta
An unapologetic writer, budding travel enthusiast and a default optimist! Life is what you make out of it.

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