What Made Mia SHEROES Summit In Bengaluru A Huge Success

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We flew down to Bengaluru a day prior to the main event and it was somewhat overwhelming to watch the story unfold behind-the-scenes at the Mia SHEROES Summit.

The breathtaking venue of ITC Grand Chola

The stage was set, the lighting and sound were being tested. The seating for audience was neatly arranged and so were the registration and #MoreFromLife desks. But what captured our interest was this cutesy looking daycare corner set up by our partners the KLAY Prep schools and Day care for the mommies who bought along their munchkins to the summit.


Kids have a frolicking time at the daycare set up by Klay prep schools and daycares


Mia SHEROES Summit, Bangalore was a super hit in filmy terms. Not to brag, but we went, we saw and we conquered.

It took a while for Bengalurians to warm up to us, but once they did it was simply  mindblowing.

It would be unfair to not mention our “energy bunny” (that’s what she likes calling herself) emcee of the event, @alittlemasala aka Avani Parekh, the empathy guru at SHEROES.


A Little Masala aka Energy Bunny of SHEROES


Morning zing with yogini Jenil Dholakia to center our energies and get the most out of the sessions lined up throughout the day. It was the perfect way to start our event. The singing bowls did its magic and every one in the audience were left rejuvenated.


Jenil with the singing bowls had cast a calming spell on the audience


It was followed with a keynote speech by the founder, CEO of SHEROES, Sairee Chahal. It set the tone of the conversations which not only deliberated on Artificial Intelligence and robots. The #FutureOfWork is much more than what we think it is, although technology was part of the conversation, but not just it.

Well, Priyanka you missed the selfie opportunity with Sairee, may be next time.

The #BestAtWork panel discussed different facets of the #FutureOfWork but what stayed constant throughout the conversation was how we can create more inclusive workspaces. Like Neha Meyer of KLAY Prep schools and Day care said that, “Our way of working with organisations is to ensure that women coming back to work is an objective with a goal and number attached to it.”

Neha had herself taken a maternity break and it was not easy to cope with the limited options available in market. And, then she explored flexi working options via SHEROES.

Sunil Rao, Lightspeed India emphasises on the need to identify your “focus areas” as an entrepreneur, and also have the courage to say no when you find yourself deviating from them.


The #BestAtWork Panel with their best smiles


Ashish Bhatt, MD at Xynteo says that;

Product evangelist at ZOHO and SHEROES mentor Kuppulakshmi is a #WomanInTech with soft skills who believes in constant self-upgradation.

We managed to put fun in the serious and roped in two slam poets from different genres with different styles on the Mia SHEROES Summit stage. The super-talented Sonam Kalra co-curated the event with an amazing line-up of artists.

We missed her immensely in the Bengaluru summit, but the charm of Iranian percussionist Fakhroddin Ghaffari swooned the audience with his body percussion act. The audience tapped their feet to the body percussion beats with some prodding by Ghaffari.


Kannada poet, Mamta Sagar left us awestruck with her slam poetry


Navaldeep Singh aka @Thelunaticpoet, left a mark with his slamming


Our Iranian connect, Fakhroddin Ghaffari made us stand on our feet for body percussion


Rtd. Lieutenant Colonel Jayshree Bakshi from Pune joined us for the #Bangalore Summit too!


The Sufi gospel project as usual, left the audience spellbound with their performance. Although Sonam Kalra wasn’t present due to flu, but the song ‘Bol’ left us with goosebumps.

We missed you Sonam in Bengaluru!


‘Designing The Future’

Babita Baruah, Managing Partner, GTB India shared a heart-wrenching story of her father who went missing in the 80s and never came back. Hope was the only factor which kept her and the family going. Her session ultimately culminated into a powerful message for working women.


Babita Baruah shared some hard-hitting facts


We love the ITC for showering us with these custom made pastries. Lunch time was all about savouring the spread of mouth-watering dishes and networking in between.

Post the luncheon, Deepika Tewari, Head of Marketing, Tanishq, took over the stage, spearheading the ‘I Believe In Me’ session.

Tanishq has been championing the amazing ad narratives around women and jewellery in the Indian market and how Deepika is at the centre of this change.


Deepika Tewari, the #LadyBoss behind Tanishq’s ground-breaking ads


Life skills educator and the wise, 24-yr old, Deepak Ramola was in the house to talk about how life lessons can make us get #MoreFromLife and be your positive self.

We also did an amazing Twitter chat with Deepak Ramola which left us equally amazed at this young man’s vision and courage to change the world with one life lesson at a time.


Deepak Ramola, the life lessons’ collector


The dance floor was open to the audience and kids had taken over the stage #LikeABoss. That is how we end events at SHEROES. Break a leg to end the Mia SHEROES Summit on a high note!


The little superstars dancing their way into our hearts


And then the mandatory selfie :)


Bengaluru was super special and we cherished every moment with them. Tired and out, the summit left us high on positivity though.

Our next stop is the city of joy, Kolkata and yes we are coming to your city for the first time. So Kolkata let’s get together for a day of chai-adda and #FutureOfWork!

Register here to attend the Mia SHEROES Summit in Kolkata: https://tinyurl.com/y7cnnugg

Let’s make this maiden summit in Kolkata a sweet success.

Lola Jutta
An unapologetic writer, budding travel enthusiast and a default optimist! Life is what you make out of it.

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