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27 Jul 2017 . 8 min read

Can One Woman’s Life Skills Benefit The Other?

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One, just one twitter chat with Deepak Ramola is what it took to know about a young man, who’s an embodiment of the #TakeCharge spirit. Just of 24 years, Deepak collects life lessons from people all over the world and turns them into interactive and performance activities, to pass on the learnings.

Sounds abstract, right? Well, the work he has been doing has shown some concrete results.  

Founder & Artistic Director at Project FUEL, is a man on a mission to make every life lesson accessible and applicable to each person on this planet.

A life skills educator, yeah that’s a thing, and my lack of its understanding explains why we need it.

Deepak calls himself an eternal optimist and he sure is. In this twitter chat, we talk with him, how women can get #MoreFromLife. The chat was not only fun and interactive, but insightful too. Here we have a compilation of some of his best replies and a life lesson for each of us in a twitter chat thread.

SHEROES (S): Project Fuel is about converting life lessons into action. Any life lessons you want to share that’ll help our SHEROES get #MoreFromLife?

DEEPAK RAMOLA (DR) : "Your talent is not your gift, it is your responsibility' understanding this helps one get more and enough from life.”

This simply puts things into perspective for us. The sense of entitlement we acquire with the realisation that ‘we are talented’ ruins our prospects of growth. This line set the tone and was the perfect start to the chat. Not wasting your talent is how you can get #MoreFromLife.

Archish, one of the tweeple wrote that there’s another R that can be added to the Talent game--Respect!

Life lessons learnt during a twitter chat! Never thought this could be such a conversation starter.

S: What are the most effective life lessons you have learnt from women in your quest?

DR: Women have taught me how to be vulnerable in a powerful manner. My mother taught me- 'Embrace small beginnings' every win was celebrated.”

S: Any anecdotes you can share of women from different  places with whom you have interacted and share their definition of success with us?

DR:I have experienced that women define a lot of their success in correlation to their families/friends; basically outside of them.”

We think that too and that is why we keep encouraging the women on our platform to define success for themselves and not what is the norm. There’re are no set formulas for success, hence you can define it the way you want it to be.

S: What are the new-age life skills you recommend to help women bring their #BestAtWork

Straight from the person who teaches life skills. We need to trust ourselves a little bit more, be kind on ourselves a little bit more, and yes a dash of empathy! Can he be more SHEROES :)

S: The SHEROES app is all about nurturing communities. Any instances, where you have seen communities developing life skills, together?


Deepak advises us to be sensitive and get into the habit of  listening  more. Instead of chattering and complaining about how life has been so mean to me! A lot can be done just by lending a thoughtful ear.

Makes sense, right?

S:  Returning women professionals grapple with confidence issues. Can you share with us few life lessons for confidence building?

DR: We all are patchwork and that is what makes us beautiful :)

S: Any life lessons for working mothers you would like to share?

 S: Where is  the @Project_Fuel headed to next and how does Deepak plan to make it more diverse and rich?


DR : I am super excited to share that soon we are launching the Project FUEL store. That allows people access to more life lessons at a go!!

A life lessons store sounds dreamy and frankly we can’t wait for it to open. Imagine, if we are able to get what different people have to offer about their understanding of life and impleme nt it in our lives. It can be so empowering and at the same time a humbling experience.

We are simply bowled by Deepak Ramola’s acute understanding of life and how embracing he is of everything that it has to offer. It proves age has got nothing to do with maturity.

Guess what, he is among our panel of speakers at the Mia SHEROES Summit in Bangalore. Trust me you don’t want to miss out on his powerful life nuggets. Register for the event here:-  Mia SHEROES Summit- Bangalore.

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See you this Saturday, Bangalore!

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