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Read How These Women Came Together To Create A Love Story

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It’s the day of love and nothing compares to that feeling of lightheadedness, butterflies in the stomach and endless daydreaming. Sigh! Whatever the world might say, love has its own charm. To each, their own!


While browsing through our Love Doctor community we came across this post which quickly turned into a story of its own and had us all hooked! Nonetheless, it’s good to know that our circle of support has been doing wonders for women, even when it comes to relationships. Sometimes, you just need someone to lean on.


Here’s what one of our community members is prepping up for! Thumbs up to equality, even when it comes to proposals ;-)


“Hi gals, I need your help. I met a guy in August 2017 and we started to go out together for movies and much more from September till now. Our bond has become really strong and I confessed to him what feelings I have for him…

After that, he started loving me more! He used to hold my hands before also but after my confession, he always makes sure he holds my hand, sometimes continuously looks at me, gives kisses on my hand, forehead and as well as my cheeks. I always feel safe around him, I feel like he cares and loves me a lot.

But these days, he’s busy with his work and seems quite disturbed. He doesn't text me a lot nowadays and our outing has stopped too, after he joined his internship. He hasn’t proposed to me officially.

So what should I do in this situation? I love him very much and don't want to lose him. I want to make him my life partner and don't want to share him with anyone else!

Please help me out with this! I really want him to propose me this Valentines or as soon as possible, so that we spend most of our time together, know each other very well, make our bonding more strong, make our love everlasting.. I love him a lot!”


So our ‘gang of gals’ pitched in playing cupid, and helped this love-struck girl, let’s call her, Shubhs!


Ayushi pointed out, “I think you should tell him what's going on in your mind. If he's the one as you say he is, then he might actually propose you this valentine. Tell him your feelings and how you feel about him.”


Shubhs expressed that when she met her man, she was too apprehensive to say anything, but Ayushi helped her gain some clarity, “See now here you have to. Either say it again through text or meet face to face and tell him. I know there might be this fear inside you but you can do it.”


Another community member, Shivani, jumped in to help Shubhs, “I think he might be having some sort of work pressure, that's why he is behaving like this. And when it comes to a proposal, there’s no rule that only a guy should propose! You can propose him if you want and he will be the most happiest person to have you beside him if he genuinely loves you.”


When Shubhs wasn’t sure of her man’s feelings towards her, sure enough to propose him, Shivani had a point, “In that case, just go to him and tell him that you have some genuine feelings for him in your heart and you want to take this feeling to another level.


Is he ready to have you as your life partner? Ask him as soon as possible because if he is not having ‘that’ feeling for you, you will feel more terrible and it will be difficult for you to handle yourself because, with the passage of time, feelings grow strong. For your sake, just have a face to face talk with him. Hope you have a great life! :)”


Finally, our girl drew courage from Ayushi and Shivani’s words, but she found out that her man doesn’t have time to talk to her because of his immensely busy schedule.


Ayushi came to the rescue again, “Tell him in a message you want to talk something really important and cannot do so in chat. You just need an hour or so. He'll understand and will try to make something work. Tell him that if it wasn't important, you wouldn't have bothered him.


If he’s unable to meet you, then tell him through a phone call. The longer you'll keep this inside, the harder it will become for you to tell him about your feelings. Time to act or completely forget!


If you’re nervous about a phone call or he doesn’t have time in office to receive it, type a message, everything clear. Say how you feel about him, whether it’s WhatsApp or Instagram. And maybe you'll find out your answer. Do not wait for him to come online and have a proper chat with you. Because then you might again overthink. So do it.”


But our girl had another issue, what was she to write in a text message?


“Just think about him and write whatever comes to your mind, and tell him you love him. It's not difficult, once you start typing, your fingers will work automatically. Just don't overthink. Think about him and write,” advised Ayushi.


Sana pitched in with her part of ‘reality-check’, “You see, love is something you cannot get, by running after it. Moreover, an internship is a tough job dear. Give him some space, he'll surely appreciate if you adjust to his busy schedule.”


Shubhs found another friend in Vrushali, “I went through the same thing dear, and hence I agree with Ayushi’s suggestion, just tell him asap! I confessed everything that I felt. Sometimes, it could be bad luck if it turns out just an attachment and sometimes it can be good luck if he feels the same! So do it right now!


Go after office hours, it's up to you how you handle the situation, how you convince him for a meeting. We can all just suggest but you have to express yourself and we can’t help you there! So buddy think, think. Time is running out!”


With that, our girl found the courage and was grateful to all these women who helped with their opinions and experiences. The story got us hooked on so much that we’re all waiting to find out what happens today!


Because that's what love is all about. With a glint of hope and faith in our hearts today, we set out for a journey, not knowing what the destination would be. Yet it gives us courage nonetheless.


What are your special plans today? Tell us in the comments below.

Share your love stories with us on our Love Doctor community or find solace in that of others.

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