This Is Why You Should Travel Alone!

Published on 6 Apr 2016 . 3 min read

Still haven’t had the chance to pack your bags without the diaper, extra changes for those what-if-it-gets-wet, what- if-it-gets-cold moments? I had the good fortune of returning from a trip on my own and haven’t stopped kicking myself for not having done so earlier.

I Love Me Time

A trip sans family opens up a consolidated time frame where one can actually empty it of chores to be done, deadlines to be met, children to be ferried across the city for activities, menu planning and all that comes with being ‘settled’ with a family.

Walk down that interesting path through the thicket that would have looked undoable with children; sit by the village lady and share your stories; sleep under the stars and wonder at the vast universe out there. The realization that one is but a mere speck will show how precious and vulnerable life is to be wasted in routine life.

A Break from the Usual

Experiences help you open up, adding a new dimension to the self that was raring to go.

Sanchita, a college professor, takes off to new locations for her vacations with like-minded friends to try hot air ballooning or hiking, to return rejuvenated having experienced the limits she realized she could push further. 

Megha, a neo natologist who I was travelling with took in a deep breath, savouring the fragrance of the green leaves and the sight of the snow peaks while walking down a mountain trail.  “I’ve always loved to hike and spend a few days in tiny hamlets like this. My husband however, would prefer to spend his vacations lazing around in the lap of luxury considering that we are both on call round the clock”.

It’s Liberating As An Individual

The very fact that decisions are your own and that you control the dispensation of time with no other consideration, is liberating. We forget our own strengths in our cloistered lives, smothered under expectations.

Distancing physically from a world that blinds us to the larger picture, is an effort worth every bit of the step. It changes our perspectives that lets us get back to issues with new blood.

For Komal, getting away from her domestic travails during the trip, put a renewed perspective that made her understand the other facets hindering a solution.

There are enough good reasons to pack that bag and take off. So chalk out an itinerary, identify your group, have plan A, plan B, plan C …in place, smile and put that first foot forward. You deserve it!

By Ilakshee Nath

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