How Reading This Book Actually Changed My Life

Published on 5 Jan 2017 . 5 min read

This is the story about my life and how reading this one book completely changed me. I am personally not fond of reading books, and to be honest, I have never been in the past either. I was 24 years old back when I was going through a terrible phase. I felt withdrawn from everything and wasn’t motivated to do anything at all. I didn't feel like going to work, doing daily chores or meeting any person, whether it was family or friends. The only solace that I used to feel was when I used to pen down my thoughts and feelings. I maintained an Instagram account where I used to jot down short quotes about the life lessons that I was in the process of learning back then.


One night, as I was scrolling down my news feed, a random Instagram follower messaged me saying that she liked my page and that she thought I should read this particular book. She said that she felt it would really help me. The name of the book was “Many Lives, Many Masters.” A little taken aback by her suggestion. In that state, I was willing to just about try anything to save myself from feeling so morose and down all the time.


I was desperate to free myself from the millions of questions that used to echo in my head all the time from “Is karma for real?” “Do people pay a price for their misdeeds?” “Does god exist?” “Is there a master plan?”… the list was endless. I remember thinking to myself that maybe this is god’s signal and even if it isn’t, what harm can possibly come from reading a book?


I decided to give it a shot and read it. Keeping aside my absolute aversion to reading books, that very night itself, I downloaded the e-version of the book, Thereafter, I started reading it very slowly, word by word, page by page. Unlike any other book that I had ever read before, “Many Lives, Many Masters” transported me into a parallel space. I got so engrossed while reading the book that I actually lost track of time. Up until now, I had only seen this happen in the movies. I kid you not, it seemed like that book was just written for me to read. As I scrolled down the pages, all those mind boggling questions that had been keeping me up for months at end, were being answered. The book was basically about the cycle of rebirth and how all our actions are interconnected. Not just that, the people we meet in each lifetime and then improving our lives or hurting us, was all a part of settling the past-life karmic scores. The book delved into the higher or more knowledgeable spirits called the Masters, who gave key takeaways about life, death and destiny. Furthermore, according to the book, our fears and apprehensions could be linked back to instances from our childhood and even our past lives. This meant that once we completely accept an incident or trauma that we have experienced and learn the intended lesson from it, only then, we can be freed from the scars of that incident. Otherwise, the same feelings and similar incidents keep repeating themselves in our life (lives) again and again, until we finally learn the intended lesson.


It took me a few days to finish reading the book. And a few more days to actually fathom all the deep insights it had to offer. At the end of the experience, I was a changed person. I was equally surprised to see how one book could affect me so much. It changed the way I looked at life, people and events that take place and had been taking place throughout my life. I started connecting the dots and putting together repeating patterns that I had been encountering in my life, over and over again. I gained so much clarity in terms of the things that I had been clinging on to and finally gained the knowledge and courage to let go of the issues that had been scaring my mind all this while.


This book helped me reclaim my life, by providing me inspiration to declutter my mind and start afresh. It enabled me to let go of the ghosts of my past ( some dating back to my childhood days) and move on towards a happier and more content future. Above all, after this entire experience, I was filled with compassion and respect for both, my own precious life and my loved ones. Not just that, I have became more aware and receptive of my surroundings and more appreciative of the little things in life. I found contentment, inner peace and the will to live this life that I’d been blessed with, in the fullest way possible. Now when I look back, I am full of gratitude towards that lady who approached me on Instagram and asked me to read this one book. After all, God was giving me a sign in this unexpected way, he extended his hand to help his little girl out of the mess she was struggling with.


Phalasha Nagpal
Phalasha Nagpal, born and brought up in Delhi, she worked in the field of audit for a while ( where she didn’t quite fit in), then she went on to pursue her MSc. Finance and Economics from the U.K.( where she didn’t quite fit in either ), and finally she started pursuing her unapologetic love and passion for writing ( where, she finally feels like she fits in)

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