A Must Read PSA: THIS Is Why We Verify Each Job On SHEROES.in

Last updated 12 Jul 2016 . 4 min read

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Hi, this is an important one for you, our reader, more importantly our community of women professionals, especially those seeking to come back to the workforce.


This is why we verify each job on SHEROES.in, and a reason why you will never find a fake or ‘shady’ listing on our site. This is also how we nip misogyny in the bud, using razor-edged technology and the sharp eyes of our team.


Our mapping team, saw a job posting draft, asking for applications for the post of, “Sugar Baby”. Yep, you read that right. For some pervert out there, it seemed cool to put up a posting seeking what he hopes is a woman who will pander to his misplaced fantasies. We called the number given, (did I mention, our high-end tech-back-up that will trace a posting source and location?). The phone was of course answered by someone who denied posting the job.


While the IP, and email has been blacklisted from out site, we share the inane posting with you as an example of the sort of  spam we kill every hour.

The following is the draft ‘Max’ tried to post on SHEROES.in, unsuccessfully:   


"**Read carefully and apply only if you understand this**


I need Sugar Baby

Age group 20-40

Gender: Females only

This is all private, secret. I can support your needs. In turn you support my needs

This is for someone who want to quickly make Rs. 5000 in a day with just resting, chilling out with me and only me in resort/hotel. no-strings-attached

Write back to me with your resume and I will get in touch with you.

Write to me or WhatsApp me

Since I am a gentlemen and I don’t want to bring you in a job which you don’t understand. Let me give you more information

I am 33-year-old, I am manager in a IT MNC, I am based out of Bombay and USA. I earn enough to share some earning with someone who takes care of me.

A sugar baby is a type of mistress who dates wealthy man like me, while receiving cash in exchange for being in the relationship.

Whenever you need fast cash, you can decide when you want to meet me and what you want to do when we meet. I can pay you anywhere from Rs. 1000 to Rs 5000 per meeting depending on what we do. I hope you will understand why.

It is perfectly safe, I only had one Sugar Baby in past and now she is in USA and I meet her only when I go there. I am very gentleman and respect women a lot. No-Strings-Attached, I want you to keep this secret and I will keep secret too. And yes, only I will meet you and no one else will meet you when I call you.

Do let me know if you have more questions, I am happy to answer them. Even if you want to meet and decide, I am perfectly fine meeting you in any coffee shop.”


Our mapping team called ‘Max’, the voice on the other end of course denied posting the above. Of course it was the same number, but then perhaps his number is not as private as he thinks.


We asked him to mail us his response to our query. 

“This is about call you made, inquiring about some posting on your website which have my phone number but not my email or anything to do with me. I have made no such posting on your website,” wrote  PS.

And to this came in the wake of a different conversation our founder Sairee was having on Twitter this morning. On misogyny, and the attitude towards women in the workforce.

Tempted to document some insider stories of corporate attitudes towards women employees #genderpaygap #misogyny

— Sairee Chahal (@Sairee) July 11, 2016


Like we mentioned. This particular, IP and phone number have been blacklisted and this is just one of the many reasons why you will  never see a fraud job on SHEROES.in.  Done and dusted. 

Karuna John
Woman. Pan Indian. Alive. Aware. Arisen. Learns one new thing every day. Fixes bigots. Journalist. Word Curator. Storyteller. http://www.sheroes.in

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