The Future Of Work Is Here!

Published on 29 Jul 2016 . 5 min read
Entrepreneur and Investor Kashyap Deorah ( @righthalf ) is the co-founder of @HyperTrack and author of #TheGoldenTap. On an hour-long Twitter chat with Kashyap, we spoke about the #futureofwork.  Edited excerpts from the chat:


People have started discussing #futureofwork. What started this?

Digitization of workflows. Today you can get a lot of work done through the device without moving an inch. That changes things.


The workspace is evolving, what would it look like in future?

The future is already here. There used to be a joke that millennials will chat digitally while sitting across across each other. Today, I do that with my colleagues on Slack and find it more productive! It's like everything is in one place & actionable. Technology helps and increases efficiency.


Is remote working the #futureofwork?

Not sure it is about remote work as much as our lives being digital. Boundaries have blurred, even at the workplace.


What should be done to be prepared for this change?

When I was younger, used to prefer hanging out with older people. Now my strategy is to surround myself with youngsters. :-)


Talking about tips on #futureofwork, what are the skills of the future?

Knowledge. Speed. Bias for action. Coding will be a required skill for those looking to create new things in any area.


What role do data and analytics play with regard to workforce productivity?

My new startup @hypertrack has built a tool to track the mobile workforce in a smart way. Analyzing business on the field. I’m a believer in automation and data-driven decisions. Kinda betting my life on it with @hypertrack!


Three successful exits and now you are building your 4th startup, what are the key things you keep in mind?

I ask myself who's my customer and what am I doing to their world. Once they like what I'm doing, I ask myself how I can penetrate deeper into solving their need & amplify broader into solving it for more of them.


What does #futureofwork mean for large incumbent businesses? How could they evolve?

They usually resist change and want to maximize past wins. However, when the new threat gets real they react in various ways. It leads to new incumbents and keeps cycle going. To answer your question more directly, acquisitions help in tapping innovation from the outside. Experimental/lab teams with large sandbox access to the live business helps tap innovation from the inside.


What’s your advice to help people exploring opportunities?

Everyone's trying to predict the future. Hot market spaces are trailing indicators, if not just plain bad. Chasing them panders to our need to conform. The best opportunities come from unexpected places. The first step is to think for yourself and be original. Originality is underrated!


What are your tips for being future ready?

Acting on common sense is easy from an intellectual perspective but it’s really hard from a psychological perspective. Resist the need to conform. Be honest with yourself. Believe in yourself. Act on your beliefs. The future will find you.


User Question: Sairee Chahal @sairee: What does #futureofwork hold in terms of opportunities for #startups?

Productivity, scale, impact are getting amplified. Feedback is real-time, brings focus to what matters most.


User Question: Aditi Chawla @AditiJP: How can organizations maintain team cohesiveness when working with remote employees?

Alignment of outcome. each offline thing seems to have a digital equivalent that works. doesn't feel disconnected any more.


User Question: Tanmoy Goswami @toymango: Do #tech #startups need to change the #language they speak as teams bcm multidisciplinary? Yes, language shapes how the world occurs to us, which shapes action. It is important to influence and unify action.


User Question: Raagini Kaushal @raagini_kaushal: Pay discrepancy, between a regular and a work from home job?

Lesser security and guarantee but more flexibility and control


User Question: Gagan Mahajan @gaganmahajan03: How does one ensure a face2face  like interaction while working remotely? While actually in office, you interact with people with whom you do not talk work. Helps us grow. Soln in remote?

Facetime and Skype have made remote meetings possible in a transactional sense. But that does not replace face to face human interaction. For example, the indoor cricket in our @hypertrack office is a big icebreaker/unifier. The walks in the park, 1-1s, lunches and beer play a big part too.


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