10-Step Guide To Starting Your Own Business From Scratch

Last updated 19 Sep 2022 . 1 min read

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You are planning to start your own business. Or you started your own business but then it got left somehow and now you want to start again. Now is the time to put your mind into action. And this article will ensure your business gets executed in the right direction.

Here Are 10 Steps To Start Your Business From Scratch

1. Identify Your Business Idea

We all have some hobbies we love doing in our spare time. Most successful small business ideas are born out of such pursuits. Out of those hobbies, pick your favourite one for starting a small business initially. While choosing one, understand that this unique business idea should be a viable business option, not just a random pick.

Once you have identified your business idea, start reading more about it. Try to note down your strengths and weaknesses. Point out what skills you have and what you need to learn. Your Business Idea will have some incredible opportunities as well as some threats. Taking time to understand them will give you more clarity on how to move forward.

2. Planning An Organised Structure

Nothing works without a plan. If you want to go shopping, you need a list. You decide your time, the places you will get your requirements and so on. If we plan for such simple things, setting up a business plan is the most crucial point we need to focus on. Make a list of the things required to start your business.

Planning will give your business an organized structure. It will help you prioritize your time, manage things effectively and put things in order. 

3. Understand Your Market 

Your entrepreneurial idea may have been generating massive income for others. Follow such people, their business tactics, and what differentiates them from others. Get a hang of what is attracting customers. Research your competitors’ marketing strategies and customers’ buying strategies. If you could hit a nerve on understanding the problem, your half of the problem automatically gets solved. 

You can join communities that discuss business tips to get acquainted with the business environment. The Glow Lovely Career Community on the SHEROES App is one such community that will help you understand the business language.

4. Take Online Courses 

Researching business ideas, markets, competitors, customers, etc., will bring positive and negative points. You might also meet new skills which you do not have right now. Take a deep breath and put it all together in writing. Try to acquire these skills one by one by attending online courses. SHEROES is a platform that can help you complete your online certification courses

These courses require your patience, so make sure you hold up. You will need ample time to reach the final stage of having the recent skills, but you will surely get there.

5. Get Your Resources

Resources like raw materials, finance, people, office space, etc., are crucial to starting a business. Without these resources, your business might not reach the correct audience. Recognizing and getting all the resources available for your business is another step to starting your business.

Your business might be the best one to start with little money, but getting financial help can be helpful moving forward. You can get business loans quickly by applying from Mahila Money- A digital banking community for women. 

6. Making Your Business Market Ready 

Your business idea sets the ground. Your marketing plan starts the business game. Get yourself familiar with online marketing hacks. Keep yourself updated with the terms of social media applications. 

Another marketing strategy is getting your friends and family to spread the word about your business. Once people come to you, you can always ask them to share their experiences with others.

7. Start Selling

Your business plan is ready. Your resources are available. Your marketing strategy is in place. The only thing left now is for your business to start. 

Place your product/ service on all platforms. Early in the business, you may not get customers but stay with hope. Once you start selling, you will know what is working and what is not. But to understand what is working and what is not, taking that big jump is essential.

You can start your business by selling your products on SHEROES as well.

8. Feedback

The customer is the king of the market. Your product/service will fall in a category that will solve some problems in the customers’ lives. How well you cater to their needs is the answer you will get in the form of feedback.

There will be three types of feedback: positive, negative, and constructive. You can use all of them to build your business instead of some letting you down. The fear of failure should not deter you from trying new things. And approaching customer feedback is one of them.

9. Grow Your Team

As your business builds, you will feel the need to expand it. The expansion would include you delegating your work and hiring new people. Slowly and steadily, allow new people to come in. So that when your business starts growing, you have the right person doing the right thing.  

At this point, you must develop a feeling in your teammates that they are as important to you as the business is. Giving your teammates a sense of ownership and hearing them is a wonderful thing you can do to grow them and your business together.

10. Have Your Accounts In Place

Some various checklists and compliances get more accessible if your accounts are clear. Your planning gets a road, your expenses are accountable, and it is easier to set future goals. 

Keep your income and expenses in check. Having a separate account for your business is one way to do that. Investment of income is another way to get good returns on the income that does not have any current plans of being used up. Small tricks like this ensure a healthy financial foundation for your business.

We hope you find the above points motivating enough to kickstart your business. Which attribute do you think is the most crucial given the age of modern business times? Also, what helped your business grow so that budding entrepreneurs can use your experience? Let us know in the comments. 

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Anuradha Sangeeta Parmar
Anuradha Parmar is a Company Secretary by profession, switching completely towards her love of writing. She is always up for music, mountains, and creativity.

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