10 Tips On How To Boost Up Your Business This Festive Season

Last updated 20 Oct 2022 . 1 min read

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Festival season is at its peak. So is the rush of the people stepping out to buy everything they need. While they buy to fulfil their needs, do you want to take advantage of this festive season and increase your festive season sales? Do you also think, “are festivals profitable?” Let us gear up to skyrocket our business income by reading about how to increase festive sales.

1. Fix a budget

Festive seasons are all about shopping. For customers, it might be clothes, food, and decorative materials. For businesses, it is all about stocking up on raw materials, products, and other items required to ensure that the customers get everything under one roof. There can be times when while purchasing, one might not consider expenses and buy unwanted random items. This unplanned buying process can hit your future income. Moreover, situations can arise where you do not have enough financial resources left to buy something genuinely important for your business.

To avoid this, plan a budget. Pull your papers and calculators out, so you get an idea of exactly where and how much to spend. This will keep your buying energy structured and ensure you do not spend aimlessly. Give a certain percentage to all the expense brackets of your business. Once this plan is sorted, you can refer to your planning sheet before spending on any product and stay within your budget.

2. Update your catalogue

Your catalogue is the face of your business. Hence, it must be updated from time to time. There are possibilities you might have 

  • added new products to your business

  • revised selling rates

  • stopped selling some products due to low response, etc

A habit of revisiting your catalogue of products ensures that it speaks the true picture of your business. Therefore, checking the details and ensuring that your business’s face has the correct information works as an audit and keeps your customers updated.

You can also change your catalogue's design, font, and appearance to suit the festive season and make it more appealing for your customers. You can also build an online presence for your shop and advertise your products there. This way, you can boost your new business.

3. Upgrade your skills by learning new things

The way the world is constantly upgrading and updating itself, it becomes necessary for growing businesses to match themselves with the current world pace. To understand how your business can improve, you can use your customers' feedback. Remember the times when customers had to return empty-handed? Try to know how others in the same business that of yours are preparing their businesses.

Once you get a fair idea of the areas in which you and your business can improve, you can start working on improving your skills. Many online courses are available at your fingertips; you can always learn from them and use the tips in your business. 

4. Prep up your products and raw materials 

Your budget is ready. You have learned new skills and updated yourself with the current market trends and requirements. Now is the time to fill your stocks to meet your customers' needs. Many customers look forward to filling their homes with new products during the festive season. For such customers, your products can be a great deal. Hence, stocking up your businesses for overall satisfied customer shopping is the best way to increase your sales during the festive season. 

5. Bring new customers to your business

New customers are a healthy sign of growing businesses. One way to reach new customers is by joining communities and displaying your products. You can join new communities on the SHEROES app and interact with many possible new customers.

Your friends and family can also play a significant part in growing your business by spreading the word about your products. Your loyal customers’ word-of-mouth publicity will also work as a motivation for new people to try out your products. Feel free to reach out to them too. 

6. Marketing your business and products 

The words “marketing” and “business growth” go hand in hand with each other. Hence, it becomes essential to advertise your products frequently and creatively. In a world where one shops relatively more online rather than visiting shops to save time, marketing strategy during festivals plays a major role in boosting the sales of your products, thereby increasing your business income. 

Start learning marketing tricks by enrolling in online marketing courses. Following your competitors’ marketing techniques is another way to learn how to advertise your products efficiently. The more your products are advertised, the more the possibility of your business generating high income.

Online marketing modes like advertising on social media, WhatsApp groups, etc., and offline marketing modes like running a door-to-door campaign can give you a festive return on the sale of your products. You can boost your business on social media and gain new followers!

7. Offering festive discounts to your customers

During the festive season, many families set out a part of their income for shopping. Many cultures also promote shopping for new items as a mark of good luck, resulting in a massive rush of people venturing into shopping. It is almost a ritual for businesses to offer festive discounts to

  • offer a symbolic gesture of appreciation to their loyal customers

  • attracting new customers

  • sell more products, etc

Hence, festive discounts can be inculcated in your advertising techniques. To ensure that these discounts do not put a hole in your business income, a reasonable discount or slashing of prices has to be considered.

8. Collaborations

This point will mainly get you new customers or customers who want everything in one go. You can either collaborate with your competitors or ask them to give your product a shoutout on their page. Many businesses are always ready to support other businesses, provided something is in store for them. Good communication skills can play magic in this scenario.

Another collaboration you enter with the businesses that offer complementary products with your products. For example, if your business sells a stitched Kurti, you can enter into a collaboration with a business that sells palazzos or earrings, or other accessories. This way, you can build up your sales and  offer your customers a complete shopping experience. And satisfy your want to boost your sales this festive season!

9. Ask your friends and family to help spread a word

Turning towards your closest support in times of any difficulty is the easiest and the first option. Your friends and family can be the first step towards starting an advertising campaign for your products. For this to happen, make sure they know your business and products. An updated catalogue thus would make things much easier.

The customers that you will be getting because of the word spreading done by your friends and family will have a lot of trust and expectations. Make sure you make everyone proud whosoever is involved in the whole process.

10. Freebies for existing customers

Everyone loves appreciation, right? The manner does not matter, the thought is what is important. Your existing customers loyal to your business journey need payback for sticking around your business. Offering freebies or, if not possible offering special discounts to your loyal customers can help you build a strong customer relationship. You can also ask them to post about their experience on social media or share them verbally. As long as the story of your business is being circulated, any mode of feedback communication is beneficial.

Hope the above tips will help your business increase sales during the festive season. Which tip do you think is the most important to start with? Do you think anything got left out? Do share your experiences and business secrets in the comments.

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