10 Cool Start-ups by Indian Women

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2014 has seen some awesome women starting-up. India’s women entrepreneurship environment exposes statistics of improvement with respect to women finding opportunities to start ventures (60%), validation with respect to skills (52%) and do not feel the impending doom of failure for their start-up (57%). According to online studies conducted earlier this year for rankings on the best places for women entrepreneurship, India went up on the list compared to its position in 2013!

On this merry note, we present to you some really cool women led start-ups which will inspire you for the new and successful beginning of the year 2015 -

Shubbhra Chaddha  - Chumbak
Shubbhra Chaddha, the founder of Chumbak realized that there weren't any real souvenirs for India. In the sense, there weren't many key chains, fridge magnets or related collectibles with India being the focus. That’s when she decided that she should start something for India.

Richa Kar - Zivame 
Richa Kar, founder of Zivame.com, was sure that it was the solution to lingerie woes of thousands of Indian women. She started, Zivame,  a lingerie store where women can understand their lingerie needs, browse through styles, order for their right size and get their order delivered at their doorstep without any embarrassment. 

Suchi Mukherjee  - LimeRoad
LimeRoad, an innovative social commerce website for women, is designed using a very cool magazine-style layout through which visitors can ‘flip’ pages to peruse details of a range of apparel, accessories, home and food-related items. Suchi Mukherjee, founder and CEO of LimeRoad, stated in an interview that, “We are on a journey to build the most extensive and engaging lifestyle platform ever”.

Shradha Sharma  - YourStory

Shradha Sharma is the Founder & Chief Editor of YourStory.in. Prior to starting YourStory, Shradha was one of the youngest Assistant Vice Presidents at CNBC TV18 and also, a Brand Advisor at Times of India.

Prukalpa Sankar - Social Cops 
Prukalpa Sankar, is the co-founder of Social Cops, a technology social enterprise that harnesses citizen voice as a powerful resource and builds synergistic, connected communities.  Social Cops are using mobile phones and technology to turn citizens into human sensors, to create a layer of social data to aid data driven decisions in civic issues, public health and education. They are working on using citizen crowd-sourced date to bring efficiency and data to processes such as garbage collection, community toilets and mid-day meal schemes.

Anu Acharya, www.mapmygenome.in 
Anu Acharya is the CEO at www.mapmygenome.in, a molecular diagnostics company for people who are proactive about their health. Mapmygenome's products include prognostics and diagnostics tests. The prognostics range of products includes Genomepatri, Sugargene,Oncomap, Brainmap and Cardiomap. The diagnostics products include the Sma-RT kit series, SpoligoTB, single gene conditions, Cardiac and Oncology panels. 

Tavleen Mehendiratta - i-Mobility.org
Working as an auto journalist for 2 years, Tavleen Mehendiratta interviewed head honchos of the auto industry, until she started looking at the sustainability side of things. Intrigued by how the cities were evolving, pollution was contesting to set new records and the cities were bursting at seams, her career started to make a transition from motoring journalism to sustainable urbanization, thus she co-founded i-mobility.org. i-Mobility.org intends to be a student community which is working to bridge the gap between distorted today and a sustainable future. 

Ankita Gaba - SocialSamosa.com
Social Media Strategist, Consultant, Lecturer & an Entrepreneur, Ankita Gaba is the Co-Founder of SocialSamosa.com, an Indian Social Media Knowledge Storehouse. In an interview with Sheroes, Gaba said, "When I was running my own social media agency, we used to research a lot online to learn about new trends and platforms and their uses. But never really found anything that was contextual to our Indian scenario. So, I realized that there is this gap that no one is filling. No one is aggregating all the good work that is happening in the Indian social media industry. And that's why I started Social Samosa."

Aditi Gupta - Menstrupedia.com
A new website and comic book called ‘Menstrupedia’ aims to shatter the taboo surrounding periods in conservative India, where millions of girls face social discrimination, reproductive health problems and low self-esteem due to lack of awareness about menstruation. Aditi Gupta, a social entrepreneur and co-founder of Menstrupedia, said in an interview, "Menstruating girls and women are not allowed to go to the temple, or touch certain food as it is thought it will go bad. They don't know about hygiene, and end up with rashes and urinary tract infections, The idea behind Menstrupedia is to help end these issues." 

Swati Bhargava - Cashkaro.com

London School of Economics alumnus Swati Bhargava quit her job at Goldman Sachs to start Cashkaro.com - the largest cashback site in India. She also started Pouring pounds in UK a B2B business where they set-up & manage cashback & voucher websites for large partners.

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