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Last updated 7 May 2014 . 3 min read

Inspiration comes in all shapes, sizes and circumstances. Read on for the stories of 2 amazing SHEROES from rural India, who are making every effort to beat their luck and forge a better life for themselves and their families.

Durgavva, An Ex-Devadasi, Emerging Into Her Independence:

Durgavva had to drop out of school in Class 7 - the Devadasi system deprived her of an education and a normal childhood. The Devadasi practice involved dedicating young girls—sometimes as young as five or six years—to the worship and praise of the temple deity. Over time, the system was abused,and these girls would be forced into prostitution. This led to many Devadasis beingincorrectly referred to as “temple prostitutes.” It is estimated that more than 250,000 girls, most of whom belong to lower caste communities, are still dedicatedto temples in southwestern India, along the border between the Indian states of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Durgavva, a strong and ambitious woman, teamed up with her friends Padmavva, Mahadevi, Kamalavva and Savitri and started a buffalo and goat rearing business. Since social stigma didn’t allow them to get jobs for an income, they decided to fight back and start their independent businesses instead. These women have broken free from the cruel system and are working hard in their small businesses. They are now seeking a loan of Rs.60,000 to expand their buffalo and goat rearing businesses. The loan will help them add goats and buffaloes to their modest herd, and increase their income. The increased income will help them repay the loan and save more for a secure future.

Nukungi Ralte, a single mother with a fierce conviction to succeed:

'To be financially stable is my only wish,' says Nukungi, from Mizoram. She is a single mother and manages the household expenses all by herself. Deprived of education during her childhood,she was left with very few options for seeking a job. Yet, she didn’t let the lack of opportunities stand in her way; instead she was determined to make it through with sheer hard work.

She runs a small poultry farm in her backyard and keeps herself and her family financially independent with it. With hope to expand it further, she has joined a group with other four women members - the members of this self-help group support one another and stand by each other in all times.

Together, they are trying to get a small loan to expand their small businesses. With the loan, Nukungi will purchase more chicks and raise them. She aspires to become a successful poultry farmer in the neighbourhood and is also determined to achieve her dreams. She knows that with the help of the loan, and some sustained effort from her end, she will be able to grow the business and earn well.

This Mother’s Day, gives you the opportunity to send a good wish, a word of encouragement to these amazing women. With each wish, we will contribute Rs. 500 towards their business on your behalf. Click here to make a wish to the rural SHEROES.

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