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Durga a SHEROES alumni, was on a sabbatical for over 11 years when she discovered Squadrun – an app that provides on demand Mobile workforce to businesses. She is one of Squadrun's top users today. Durga tells us about her experience here:

What do you do at Squadrun?

 At SquadRun, I perform small tasks like calling a candidate and collecting his/her details, calling buyers and finding delivery status, calling customers to collect feedback on service quality of X or Y service providing organization. Or categorising items for an ecommerce business, filtering resumes for a job site, etc. All these tasks are very simple to perform.

What is the best about working here? 

 The best thing about working with SquadRun is, I can work from anywhere, at my own pace, time, part time or full time. No bosses. Only team members. And the the technical and moral  support given by the SquadRun team also makes it fun and easy.

What were you doing before joining Squdarun?

Before joining SquadRun, I have worked in different kinds of industries ranging from AD agencies, publication, call centers, concierge industry.  I am good at administration too so have that kind of work too. In all 20 years of experience.

What inspires you to keep going?

My inspiration - is my late Mother. She kept saying that one should leave this world doing what they love. And I love working. No job is big or small.  And my NEVER SAY DIE attitude helps me in that.

What are you doing when not working?

When I am not working, I go out and help people, especially the poor. I take up social causes and do voluntary work.

Want to work for Squadrun? Find opportunities here, you can be the next Durga. 

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