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Published on 8 Jun 2016 . 2 min read

App Growth Metrics: eCPI, CAC, True LTV, Retention, Cost of MAU/DAU Calculator for Beginners [Download Excel]

I keep stressing upon the fact about using the “Right Metrics” in all my growth discussions, including this article I wrote a few months back —

Calculating “Right Metrics” is paramount to your growth initiatives. We often make some common & unintentional mistakes while calculating some basic metrics like MAUs, LTV, CPI. Here is my small attempt to suggest a better way to calculate your daily-use key metrics to help you stay laser focussed on the real growth.


1. True Active Users = Active Users for that Period — New User Acquired during that Period

Common Mistake: Not deducting new user acquired during that period

2. Real Cost per Install = Marketing Cost / (Paid Installs * (1-Uninstall%))

Common Mistake: Not accounting for Uninstalls upfront

3. Cost per Active User = (Overall Marketing Cost — App Install Budget) / (MAU at month End — New App Installs incl. Organic)

Common Mistake: Ignoring the marketing dollars on Non-App install campaigns

4. True LTV = Average Revenue Per Month X Net Margin X Lifespan (in Months)

Common Mistake: Ignoring Net Margin

5. Retention Rate = True Active Users in Current Period / True Active Users in the Previous Period

Common Mistake: Taking just Active users instead of True Active Users (1st formula on top)

& few other daily use formulas are included in the sheet included various CAC models, User Lifespan, Uninstall % etc.


Note: It is a generic sheet suited to most Apps & growth models. Feel free to customize the sheet as per your need and share it back with the community. Mail me at to get your modified excel’s link embedded in this article. Tag me on

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