Killing my dreams

Last updated 30 Dec 2016 . 2 min read

I dream. Just like you, I dream big. But then I kill my dreams.  Why you ask? Because of the following:

Belief in overnight success: I tend to read the success stories of people and then I think, is they can – so can I. But in the process, I neglect the hard work and the failure, which is never shared before the success story.

Settling down too soon: I bet all of you have watched Band Baaja Baarat. There was a time in the movie when after a small success the lead actor says that she is satisfied with what she has achieved and that’s where she wants to be. Without knowing where she could be, she decided to put a stop on the growth, which had just started. And I am no different. Settling down soon without going the last mile.

Looking for someone to help me find answers: The dreams are mine. The challenges are mine. Nobody understands them the way I do. But then, I do keep running to someone else to find answers. They not understanding it well enough, provide the answers which change essence of my dreams

Blaming others: When the challenges just try adding to the excitement of dreams becoming a reality, I give up and start blaming anyone who comes in front of me – the time, situation, team – anyone

And lastly, not believing in my dreams: When reality dawns, it’s a different world. And when I work hard to fulfill my dreams, I am challenged by the real world. They should not shake my belief in my dreams, but they do. And I just kill them and move on.

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killing your dreams
Smriti Middha
Marketing and strategy professional helping brands leverage the new media to meet their business objectives. I help build brand communities, nurture them and take care of their social communications. A travel enthusiast, I also run a monthly travel ezine - Travel Chronicles

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