9 Profitable Eco-Friendly Start-up Ideas In India

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Starting and running a successful business is more than earning profits. With the high level of pollution and adverse effects of climate change, switching to sustainable business practices is the need of the hour. 

More and more aspiring entrepreneurs are becoming ecopreneurs, looking to start a low-investment eco-friendly business in India. 

From buying eco-friendly products to opting for eco-friendly services, people are no longer hesitant to spend some extra bucks to make this planet a better place to live. 

As per the American Express Trendex report, "Ninety-eight percent of Indians are interested in spending money on items that will help build low carbon communities around the world."

People are becoming environmentally conscious and have started focussing on the environmental impacts of their purchasing decisions. If you are looking to start an eco-friendly business, this is the best time to think of something sustainable that would help you make a profit and make the world a better place to live. 

What is an Eco-Friendly Business?

An Eco-Friendly Business involves manufacturing or providing consumer services while keeping the environment in mind. These products or services, when used, help conserve energy, reduces carbon footprints, and do not lead to polluting the environment. An Eco-Friendly Business positively impacts the environment and the community as a whole.

Listed Below Are 9 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas For Aspiring Ecopreneurs

#1. Start An Eco-Friendly Retail Store Business

Starting an eco-friendly retail business is like running your green store, selling everything that is sustainable and doesn't harm the environment. 

To be a successful retailer, one must have the most innovative business strategy. With people opting for sustainable products, starting a Green Retail Store will help you attract more environmentally-concerned consumers.

It can also help you make your store stand out from the rest in the locality and set you apart. From starting a clothing and apparel store to selling furniture and personal care products, there are numerous ways of starting a green retail store. 

Existing retail business owners may transform their store into an eco-friendly retail store by opting for the below-mentioned practices-

  • Going paperless

  • Investing in recyclable or reusable product packaging and shipping supplies

  • Offer a buy-back program for second-hand products

  • Source sustainable brands and products

#2. Start An Eco-friendly Beauty Salon Business

Salons produce a lot of waste from emitting plastics to chemicals and wasting water on beauty treatments. Beauty salons can be the biggest offenders to the environment. 

Making beauty salons green or eco-friendly can help us make other people look and feel beautiful and make our mother nature look stunning.

Adopting sustainable practices in your salon will help save the planet and make you earn more bucks owing to the growing awareness around sustainability. 

Below are some ways to start your eco-friendly salon business-

  • Use cruelty/chemical-free products

  • Use and sell only recyclable products

  • Use eco-friendly decor

  • Cut out plastics

  • Reduce laundry by using biodegradable linens

  • Adopt energy-saving practices

  • Research product ingredients and avoid using Keratin and Ammonia-based products.

  • Use water-saving nozzles

#3. Start An Eco-friendly Organic Supermarket Business

With increased awareness about healthy living and mindful eating, the demand for stores selling organic food products is on the rise. People are looking out for healthy and nutritious food. 

The organic food market is growing tremendously in India. An organic store can have all the sustainable items, including organic groceries and healthy sugar-free juices. Also, organic products are fresh, natural, homemade, and without any preservatives or artificial colors. 

What can you sell: Fruits and vegetables, shakes and juices, herbs and spices, skincare products, dairy and poultry products, and organic fertilizers.

Below are some ways to start your organic supermarket business-

  • Find a suitable location or go entirely online.

  • Apply for necessary registrations and permits from the Health Department and certification tag by Organic Trade Association.

  • Choose the products you want to sell

  • Set price considering your competitors in mind

  • Apply for necessary business loans to run the store

  • Develop necessary marketing strategies to run your store.

#3. Start Handmade Organic Product Business

Indian handicrafts are one of the crucial sectors of the Indian economy that provides income generation to a significant chunk of the rural population. Indian handicraft items are loved by people all over the globe owing to their uniqueness and charm. 

Starting a Handicraft business can be one of the best eco-friendly business ideas. It can help you earn profit and give you peace of mind for supporting artisans across the country and helping them market their products. 

With government initiatives like Make in India, starting a handicraft business will help uplift the economically weaker section of society. 

What can you sell: Jute bags, handmade jewellery, pots and potteries, khadi products, crochet products, handmade papers, and sustainable furniture items.

Below are some ways to start your eco-friendly handicraft business-

  • Raw Material and Bulk purchase of products from local artisans.

  • Apply for a loan if required, as this business needs an Initial Investment of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000.

  • Apply for a License and Certification if a physical store is to be opened.

  • Build an E-commerce website (To sell online)

#4. Start An Eco-Friendly Consulting Service Business

With companies opting to 'go green and adopt eco-friendly services, the need for an eco-consultant or a green consultant has been rising. An Eco-friendly Consultant provides expert guidance to companies or individuals with measures to make their business practices sustainable.

So, if you think you're an expert on 'green living,' starting a career as an Eco-Friendly Green Consultant can help you build a sustainable career in the long run. 

From advising clients on how to save energy and switch to energy-efficient machines to implementing a recycling program, a career in eco-consulting can be exciting.

Below are some ways to start your career as an Eco-Consultant:

  • Go for the necessary certifications required to start a business as an Eco-Consultant

  • Develop your skills

  • Work on your communication skills

  • Understand the eco-friendly organic market trend

#5. Start A Plant-Based Vegan Meat Business

Plant-based or vegan meat or green meat is the latest talk of the town, and people can't seem to get over a debate on this meatless meat. Plant-based meat is made from plants that look, feel and taste like real meat.

A plant-based meat business is one of the most profitable emerging start-ups that can help you build a long-term successful business venture. 

When it comes to plant-based meats, they contribute about 30-90 percent less greenhouse. Plant-based meats are healthier than regular meat and have low calories. More and more people are choosing vegan meat on their plates, and there can't be a better reason to get started with this new trend which is the fastest growing item in the food industry.

Below are some ways to start your eco-friendly vegan-meat business:

  • Thorough research on the trending food industry business

  • The technology involved in vegan-meat production

  • Gain necessary knowledge in plant-based cuisine

  • Explore potential partnerships with plant-based food entrepreneurs

  • Apply for required business loans and licenses to start the business

#6. Start An Eco-friendly Architecture Business

Green architecture revolves around sustainably creating buildings/ houses so that it doesn't harm the environment and allows us to live in harmony with the planet. 

Green Architect embraces new technologies and designs modern yet sustainable homes with all the comforts of the 21st century. The main job of a green designer is to safeguard air, water, and Earth by choosing eco-friendly sustainable materials during construction and including rainwater harvesting, solar panels, and commercial toilet composting in their designs.

Below are some ways to start a business in Green Architecture-

  • A degree in Architect

  • Procuring necessary licenses and experience

  • Excellent communication, analytical, organizational, visualization, and creative skills

#7. Start An Eco-Friendly Fashion Business

A 2021 report from the World Economic Forum identified fashion, and its supply chain, as the planet's third-largest polluter (after food and construction). Making the fashion industry more sustainable is the need of the hour.

What is Sustainable fashion? It can be defined as manufacturing clothing, shoes, and other accessories in the most sustainable manner possible, considering both environmental and socio-economic.

Below are some ways to start an Eco-Friendly Fashion business:

  • Reducing the number of microfibers released into the environment

  • Promoting Circular Fashion: Recycling, Upcycling, Thrifting

  • Promoting Slow Fashion: Sharing, Renting

  • Reducing toxic waste and supporting animal rights

  • Adopting sustainable packaging methods

#8. Start An Eco-friendly Kids Toys Business

Environmentalists have raised concerns regarding the widespread use of plastic toys, which are adding up as waste in oceans and landfills and are practically impossible to dispose of. An alarming 90% of kids' toys are made of plastic, which harms the child and the planet. 

Parents have now started choosing sustainable toys that are long-lasting, recyclable, and safe for the little ones.

Below are some ways to start a Sustainable Toy Business:

  • Research the market trends

  • Find your niche

  • Bring in some innovation

  • Invest in raw materials 

  • Apply for business loans and register your business

#9. Start Manufacturing Eco-friendly Cleaning Product Business

Do you know all the cleaning products that make your home look squeaky clean are filled with harmful chemicals that pollute the water and threaten the environment? If you are thinking of initiating a home-based, low, investment, eco-friendly business, starting a home-based cleaning business can be one of the best options. Eco-friendly Sustainable Cleaning product business can earn good karma and help you make a decent income. 

Below are some ways to start an Eco-friendly Cleaning Business:

  • Research, plan, name your business, and apply for necessary documents.

  • Know your eco-friendly solvents 

  • Identify local companies that are environmentally friendly and who would be interested in hiring a green cleaning service.

  • Approach prospective clients and market your products and services. 

  • Reduce the number of synthetic and harmful chemicals.

Which of the above Eco-Friendly Start-Up Ideas excite you the most? Do let us know in the comment section below. We'd love to hear from you.

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