#ProductivityGoals: Tips To Boost Mindfulness & Lessen Chaos In Life

Last updated 5 Dec 2016 . 2 min read

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Do you feel that your Monday blues spill over to the entire week, until weekend comes to your rescue?

In my first job, I slogged (and partied) an entire week, and kept my off day for relaxation. Sounds fair enough. But, to my disappointment, I always ended up wasting my entire weekly off, dreading about the coming week and the huge pile of work waiting in for me. Even before the next week started, I fantasised about the coming weekend. It was nothing but mismanagement on my part. Now I’m more aware and manage my time better. Reason - I put back sleep on my priority list.


Odd sleep timings, often staying up the nights to meet the deadlines, eating junk food, binge drinking and what not. It was quite obvious, this took a toll on my health, which in turn brought down my productivity.


Sleep forms an integral part of your well being. Once I fixed my sleeping habits, everything else fell in place.


Our nights are meant for sleeping. Avoid getting into a routine wherein you challenge your body workings in the night, like:- pulling all nighters, munching on snacks, not following regular sleeping hours, drinking caffeine or worse binge drinking alcohol, staring into your phones or laptops, not planning your day after, etc.

These habits come back to bite you in the long run. This helpful post enlisting the top 14 bedtime habits of unsuccessful people, featured in the Business Insider, should be your mantra for the new year.


Start with your sleep, if it’s taken care of, you can face the hurdles with a strong body and a healthy mind.


Lola Jutta
An unapologetic writer, budding travel enthusiast and a default optimist! Life is what you make out of it.

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