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Last updated 8 May 2014 . 1 min read

Prerna Raturi, shared her recent experience with us.  Prerna is a editor, content writer and has been a fleximom for a bit. This is what she wrote to us - 

"Pleasantly surprised, really thankful. Of course once I got the mail saying I should register to Sheroes apart from Fleximoms, I did. But I left the “Update profile” for later. Don’t ask me why. Left it for when I’m freer, less busy, feeling more optimistic “Do update your profile if you have registered,” reminded Sairee when I told her I’m looking for more freelance assignments. That is all it took and then I spent an hour applying for relevant projects and part-time offers. Of the 10-odd applications, three actually responded. Within a fortnight, I’m well on my way to seal a deal with one!

My advice: Update that profile and do it now. Update it as relevantly as you can. Be consistent with following up on the job scene on the site.

Gotta go. Need to log in to SHEROES.

And thank you so much Sairee Chahal for being available despite your own workload.

Prerna Raturi

Freelance journalist and writer, editor"

Here is wishing Prerna the very best with all her endeavours. 

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