Everyday SHEROES - How She Made The Tough Decision - Part 2

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“The phase of divorce was a harder path to take. After the much turbulent time, the least I had expected was any sort of a dirty game. The realization of contrast in the time of divorce and separation to the time we were in love was tormenting.”

To break the silence that followed her last words, I asked “How did the process of divorce start after your decision to take it?”

“I have never been in any sort of hearings in a court; hence for starters I was in touch with my lawyer friends to know about the procedure. Also to keep myself up along with, I started working more towards my career and life. Consequently I grew in work and started to travel a lot which rejuvenated me stronger.”

“Suddenly much to my shock, I received a divorce petition from him. The petition had unexpected false allegations filling 25 pages. This was unpleasant to gulp down for I received it from someone who I thought knew me and whereabouts inside out.”

Allegations on 25 pages? Did he also put forward any sort of demand too?” I asked gently, knowing how sensitive the communication was being.

“He did not, though I still had to battle the demeaning claims. I called up my relied lawyer friend and told him about the situation. He asked me to throttle only after my tour. Once I came back, he asked me to pen down my defense to each and every point made by my ex husband. That entire process helped me to drain my bottled up emotions.  With every word, I absorbed that I really have to come out.

The decision of untangling myself as the first step of change and subsequently certain favorable things timely followed. I am absolutely grateful to my supportive family and friends. Things became easier because of them.”

“With an intention to avoid any sort of ugly encounters, I made a pleading for a mutual consent on divorce. The relationship was over and there was nothing worthy I wanted to fight for. ”

You might have changed a lot from separation to divorce.” I murmured it with certainty yet in an interrogative tone

“I cannot really describe my emotional waves that fought me through the bad phase. Currently it’s good to absorb that I am a stronger person today. The struggle to not let judgments and societal norms affect me back then is paying now. I have become more stringent if something comes my way”.  

Haven’t we all been at a point where we are in dire desperation to change our lives?  Have you given yourself a pat for the heroism of sticking to your decision by fighting the odds?

The journey is always fruitful if you do what is best for you.

I shall illustrate well through the next part; Vaishakhi’s life post the divorce. Stay tuned.


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