Everyday SHEROES - How She Made The Tough Decision - Part 3

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It is not in stars to hold our destinies but in ourselves” – William Shakespeare

It’s been two years now and she seems much of brilliant and sharp lady to be accompanied with every single time. Doing great professionally and still being a believer in love, not an inch of grief have I sighted since the time I met her. Witnessing this as incredibly strong, I proceeded with my next set of questions to know about the happy times, the times when tables turned.

“You have been through a lot. How does life seems like now?”

“You know Prerna, narrating you the whole thing all over again with every bit discussed,  has actually reminded me that I have been a fighter.”

“I keep forgetting that. Thank you.” She said smilingly

“It’s been my pleasure Vaishakhi. Tell me about the best parts of your journey. Let me lighten up the vibe now.”  

With a laugh, she voiced to me with one of her hands whipped in air;

“Life’s been entirely different post divorce. I have met many who are apprehensive about taking along the tag of a divorcee but I believe in being always open about it. I prefer being a complete no no to receiving any sort of sympathizing approach. This attitude has fetched me some great friends and a tougher outlook to life. With many laws favoring the women in India, there are equally other tough things we face but I had never misused any of the laws to pin down my ex husband. I believed in gracefully getting out and rest be handled by faith. ”

But there are many who would want to fight for any sort of justice. Don’t you think? I asked

“It is always about what you prioritize and I felt I was running out of time. I am absolutely with the ones who want to fight for justice truly and actually respect those who take such a stand. I was on a notch of depression and making my life better was my ultimate aim.  I was lucky to have certain forces working and letting things fall in place. I could see light because I was being promoted towards better things. Leaving old harsh things was easy for you can say; my positive energies were invested right. ”

I have faith on karma

She continued after a long pause  

“You see, this patience has come along with my own independence. I believe one has the final authority to change his/her life in whatever direction is chosen. One should be definitely independent in this one gifted life”.

“And love?”

“Love is not what I can make happen but I am hopeful about it. I am waiting for it to brew up at the right time. Marriage and love, they both should happen for a good reason and I ardently respect that. Till then, I am loving being in love with me. ”

With a big grin on her face, we called off the enlightening discussion.

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