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Last updated 23 Nov 2016 . 1 min read

Dear SHEROES Team,

I would like take a moment and thank you for creating an amazing platform for job opportunities, especially for women like me who are looking for flexible jobs. 

I have been using this platform for over a year now and I have gotten some great career advice over here. Recently I landed a great job because of SHEROES. Now, I am a home based software developer, which gives me the required flexibility at the same time an opportunity to work with cross-geo teams and take my career to next level.

It is truly inspiring to see female workforce from all career paths come together on SHEROES and join hands. I would also like to be a part of SHEROES summit some day when it is hosted in my city.

I hope you keep adding great features to the website. Please let me know if there is an opportunity for me to contribute to the SHEROES community.

Gauri Bindu Testimonial
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